Jennifer Ehidiamen


Jennifer Ehidiamen is a Nigerian writer who is passionate about communications and journalism. She has worked as a reporter and communications consultant for different organizations in Nigeria and overseas. She has an undergraduate degree in mass communication from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Lagos, and M.A. in business and economics from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, New York. In 2014, she founded Rural Reporters ( with the goal of amplifying underreported news and issues affecting rural communities.

Latest Articles

Moving back to Africa to start a social enterprise? Read this first
7 Mar 2017

More and more young Africans in diaspora are taking a leap to start their business and social enterprise on the continent. What has it been like for those who returned? What are the things to consider before making a move back to Africa? Three social entrepreneurs who have successfully launched a social impact business on the continent shared their experience and five tips with Devex.

Are bonuses ever ok in global development work?
6 Mar 2017

Some organizations are considering adopting bonus incentives, commonly used in the private sector, to motivate staff and increase performance. But will it work in global development? Human resource experts weigh in.

Q&A: IFAD's new president on improving life in rural and agricultural areas
6 Mar 2017

People-centered development, women's empowerment, decentralization and empowering the private sector will be key priorities when Gilbert Fossoun Houngbo takes the helm of the International Fund for Agricultural Development in April. Devex speaks with the incoming leader about his philosophy and goals.

Q&A: Marcos Jank from BRF Asia Pacific on tackling protectionism in agricultural trade
3 Mar 2017

Devex talked with Marcos Jank, vice president of corporate affairs and business development for BRF Asia Pacific, on how the development community can support agricultural-product exporting countries to address the challenge of protectionism.

Mercosur countries look to combat protectionism in agricultural trade
1 Mar 2017

South American countries, such as Argentina and Brazil, have a pivotal role to play in ensuring global food security and sustainability. However, the rise of protectionism and uncertainties surrounding international trade policy have become significant barriers.

How communities can be involved in monitoring and evaluating development projects
27 Feb 2017

Monitoring and evaluation is an important aspect of project implementation. How can organizations improve the way they engage communities in their M&E? Devex talked with project managers and experts to find out.

3 takeaways from Georgetown University's Africa Business Conference
24 Feb 2017

A lack of access to capital stands as a major roadblock for project implementation or expansion in developing countries. During the Georgetown University Africa Business Conference held this month, experts shared their views on the future of finance, managing currency risks, and public-private partnerships.

Kenya launches biggest ever insurance payouts for livestock herders
23 Feb 2017

As part of an effort to address drought emergencies in the Horn of Africa, Kenya has provided $2 million to over 12,000 pastoral households under the Kenya Livestock Insurance Program.

World Bank aims to boost knowledge of African development
21 Feb 2017

World Bank Africa Region wants to spread better information about development work in Africa via a multi-city "festival of knowledge."

Nigeria's Okechukwu Enelamah talks growth, private partnerships and economic diversity
17 Feb 2017

The Nigerian government seeks to harness public-private partnership in implementing its newly launched Economic Recovery and Growth Plan. The scheme aims to create a diversified economy amid structural changes that would boost its growth prospects. Okechukwu Enelamah, the Nigerian minister of industry, trade, and investment, spoke to Devex about its progress.