Joe Parkin Daniels


Joe Parkin Daniels is a British journalist based in Bogotá, Colombia, where he covers human rights, the country's internal conflict, and health.

Latest Articles

A strained welcome awaits Venezuelans in Colombia
29 Nov 2018

Colombians have put up a generous response to the arrival of millions of Venezuelans — but as the crisis deepens, aid groups are moving to quell rising tensions.

Colombia aid groups under strain as Venezuela crisis spills over
27 Apr 2018

As Venezuela's economic situation worsens, hundreds of thousands are fleeing to Colombia — a country now struggling to retain the attention of the international aid community.

'In Haiti, no one is surprised by the Oxfam scandal'
23 Mar 2018

Few countries have as complicated a relationship with international aid organizations as Haiti. Now, locals say it is time to show more solidarity if trust is to be regained.

To many in Colombia, peace feels much like war
6 Feb 2018

The Colombian government signed a peace deal with the FARC rebel group in 2016, throwing open the possibility of development in long-abandoned corners of the nation. But as armed groups battle for control in FARC's absence, aid workers and locals in many areas are finding themselves in as much danger as ever — and humanitarian assistance is on the retreat just when it is needed most.

Wave of killings threatens civil society work in Colombia
6 Nov 2017

A landmark peace deal was meant to usher Colombia into a new era of development. But a wave of targeted killings against local activists and community leaders threatens to imperil the agreement's implementation and the prosperity it promised.