Julie Espinosa


Julie Espinosa is the Associate Director of Video at Devex. She leads a team of visual storytellers who work with reporters all over the globe to cover the topics of humanitarian aid, sustainable development and global health. Prior to joining Devex, Julie worked in documentary film production in Austin, Texas. She holds a master’s degree in communications and cultural studies from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s in visual arts from Harvard University.

Latest Articles

Ripple Effect: The expansive impact of NCDs
20 Sep 2018

While combating noncommunicable diseases is a global task, regional contexts cause unique challenges. In this visual series, we explore a few of these challenges through the stories of health care workers and individuals living with NCDs in three different countries.

Meet the global health changemakers of 2018
17 Aug 2018

This summer, Devex and Johnson & Johnson assembled some of the youngest changemakers in health care at Devex World. Get to know five members of the inaugural class, as they share insights on how other young people can begin making waves.

Power with Purpose: How to foster female leadership in the development sector
15 Mar 2017

Devex President Raj Kumar and McKinsey associate partner Tracy Nowski discuss how to foster female leadership in the nonprofit sector.

DevExplains: The 'internet of things'
6 Mar 2017

In the global development community, smart grid technology is probably the most well-known use of the "internet of things." But energy is just one example — and IoT could be set to drastically increase efficiency in many other ways.

Climate change, Trump and finance: A look back at COP22
21 Nov 2016

Devex reported on both weeks of this COP, gauging the reaction to the U.S. election, catching up with global development leaders, zeroing in on questions of finance, and breaking down what it all means for development professionals. Catch up here.

What is human-centered design — and why does it matter?
18 Nov 2016

Is human-centered design a game changer in global development, or just another buzzword? Devex breaks down exactly what it is and why it matters for the global development community — and delves into some of the ways it could help organizations work more efficiently.

Jeff Sachs on global development after Trump
15 Nov 2016

Devex spoke to Jeff Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, about the U.S. election, Trump's climate change plans, and what it all means for development professionals.

The evolution of health systems: Service providers as social enterprise
7 Nov 2016

To reach those who are in most need, health systems need to extend reach and also be sustainable. One way to do this is to adapt practices of a social enterprise. Devex speaks with Yasmin Madan, global marketing director at Population Services International, to find out more.

Video: Tasting the first specialty coffee from Myanmar
30 Sep 2016

Oct. 1 is International Coffee Day. Devex takes a look at one of the newest specialty coffee varieties to hit the U.S. market and the economic opportunities it affords smallholder coffee farmers in Myanmar.

Ingenuity and innovation: Sustainable solutions to malnutrition
16 Sep 2016

When you think about sustainable solutions, you have to be thinking about the private sector, David Fleming, vice president for public health impact at PATH, told Devex at Women Deliver in Copenhagen in May. In this video interview he discusses the importance of a multisector response to malnutrition, overnutrition and micronutrient deficiency.