Kelli Rogers


Kelli Rogers is a global development reporter for Devex. Based in Bangkok, she covers disaster and crisis response, innovation, women’s rights, and development trends throughout Asia. Prior to her current post, she covered leadership, careers, and the USAID implementer community from Washington, D.C. Previously, she reported on social and environmental issues from Nairobi, Kenya. Kelli holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri, and has since reported from more than 20 countries.

Latest Articles

Asia-Pacific's plastic problem ignites waste management movement
10 Jan 2019

A steady stream of plastic from Southeast Asian nations is choking oceans. It is also serving as a catalyst for improved recycling, drawing stakeholders from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to the waste management table, experts tell Devex.

Q&A: A 'twin-track' approach to disability-inclusive disaster preparedness
7 Jan 2019

Sightsavers' policy chief Fred Smith recently helped DFID design its first disability inclusion strategy — a promising step forward, but a lot more needs to be done to implement inclusive disaster risk reduction, he tells Devex.

Indonesia’s string of disasters, DRC’s troubled elections, and Ivanka’s postponed plans: This week in development
3 Jan 2019

Indonesia suffers its third massive natural disaster in six months, Congo’s elections threaten Ebola response, and Kenya lifts a ban on family planning services.

Aid groups adapt Rohingya mental health services for population in limbo
18 Dec 2018

In sprawling camps along Bangladesh's southern coast, nearly 1 million Rohingya refugees are wondering what’s next. This state of limbo is shaping the way aid groups provide mental health services to children and adults.

In Asia, Rockefeller Foundation wants to invite 'unusual actors' to the table
17 Dec 2018

Rockefeller considers itself most valuable when convening the necessary actors to solve big problems, according to Deepali Khanna, managing director of the foundation's Asia regional office.

Inside the UN's little-known think tank
10 Dec 2018

It's a university without a traditional campus, and perhaps the most obscure of U.N. bodies. Devex visited the U.N. University to find out more about the quiet think tank powering sustainable development studies.

A Kachin ceasefire could help end the sale of Burmese women and girls, experts say
10 Dec 2018

Against the backdrop of one of the world’s longest civil wars, thousands of Burmese women and girls have been trafficked and forced to marry men in China, according to a new study.

The 'secret' to JICA's disaster risk reduction
3 Dec 2018

Countries around the world look to Japan as a leader in reducing the risks of disaster. Here's what two JICA experts have to say about the agency's approach to successful mitigation management.

Q&A: Why a 25-year-old agreement still matters for women and girls
30 Nov 2018

The 1994 International Conference on Population and Development launched a landmark agreement — and delivering on its promises is more important than ever with the rise of conservatism, UNFPA's Laura Londén tells Devex.

Which seed companies are looking out for Asia's smallholder farmers?
14 Nov 2018

The Access to Seeds index ranks companies serving small producers in South and Southeast Asia — and finds that those shaping their models around smallholder farmers’ needs can be profitable.