Kelli Rogers


Kelli Rogers is a global development reporter for Devex. Based in Bangkok, she covers disaster and crisis response, innovation, women’s rights, and development trends throughout Asia. Prior to her current post, she covered leadership, careers, and the USAID implementer community from Washington, D.C. Previously, she reported on social and environmental issues from Nairobi, Kenya. Kelli holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri, and has since reported from more than 20 countries.

Latest Articles

The woman who put gender-based violence data on the map
15 Aug 2018

For 20 years, Henriette Jansen has asked women around the world about their experiences of violence. Devex sat down with the epidemiologist to find out how she became a globally renowned gender-based violence data collector — and how much the field has changed since she first became its champion.

Q&A: Transitioning to nonprofit, lessons from former investment banker running $160M org
14 Aug 2018

After a successful career on Wall Street, Dave Offensend made the leap to the nonprofit sector. Devex caught up with the president of the Education Development Center to find out what it takes — and how other finance professionals can avoid disaster when considering the transition themselves.

3,000 Rohingya refugees train to tackle natural disasters
2 Aug 2018

Bangladesh, one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world, credits its community-led disaster preparedness program for saving hundreds of thousands of lives. Now, aid groups hope the same strategy can help 1 million Rohingya refugees survive a lengthy monsoon season.

Winrock connects the dots between illegal logging and climate change
31 Jul 2018

Using an advanced remote sensing system, Winrock scientists have devised a way to measure the climate impacts of selective logging. The data could help governments and independent groups more accurately track the impact of forest loss, Winrock's lead researcher tells Devex.

Laos dam disaster reignites calls for stronger safety systems
30 Jul 2018

As rescue operations continue, safe water management advocates are pointing to the man-made disaster as a prime example of the risks related to many large dam projects planned for the region — and the devastating impact failed safety measures can have on downstream communities.

IFRC vows an ambitious female leadership target
25 Jul 2018

IFRC has a new target to meet across Asia and the Pacific: By 2020, the humanitarian aid organization aims to see women in half of its senior leadership and decision-making roles.

Disaster responders 'not working together' to address gender-based violence, report finds
24 Jul 2018

The risks of gender-based violence are exacerbated during disasters — and aid groups can do more to mitigate them, a new report from IFRC finds.

Can more accessible data equal less disaster in Asia-Pacific?
19 Jul 2018

In the region most affected by natural disasters, a new Global Disaster Database could allow countries to prepare smarter and sooner.

Q&A: IOM Bangladesh mission chief on post-monsoon priorities for Rohingya
5 Jul 2018

Aid workers in the Bangladesh seaside district of Cox’s Bazar are currently focused on one thing: Ensuring vulnerable Rohingya refugees survive a lengthy monsoon season. Devex sits down with IOM Bangladesh's new chief of mission to find out what the agency will prioritize in the next few months.

Ahead of UNGA, over 50 health experts sign letter for action on NCDs
29 Jun 2018

A powerhouse cast of United Nations, civil society, and academic leaders came together to co-sign a letter published in The Lancet yesterday, which provided an eight-point agenda to accelerate progress ahead of the United Nations General Assembly High-level Meeting on the prevention and control of NCDs in September.