Kelli Rogers


Kelli Rogers is a global development reporter for Devex. Based in Bangkok, she covers disaster and crisis response, innovation, women’s rights, and development trends throughout Asia. Prior to her current post, she covered leadership, careers, and the USAID implementer community from Washington, D.C. Previously, she reported on social and environmental issues from Nairobi, Kenya. Kelli holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri, and has since reported from more than 20 countries.

Latest Articles

A new 'forever fund' for food security
16 Oct 2018

The International Rice Research Institute works to create crops that can withstand climate change. Now, the institution's efforts to share this knowledge will be supported forever, thanks to a "perpetuity grant."

Indonesia disaster reveals community preparedness shortfalls
12 Oct 2018

Outdated or nonfunctioning tech hindered the delivery of alerts that could have provided Sulawesi residents with life-saving minutes to reach higher ground. But a sophisticated system means little if it isn’t attached to awareness about how to respond to warnings or weather signals.

New fund taps $100B US wedding industry to help end child marriage
11 Oct 2018

VOW, launched this week, will allow brides, grooms, and the businesses that cater to them to help fund grassroots groups fighting child marriage.

In Palu, relief teams push to reach worst-hit areas on foot
5 Oct 2018

Aid groups are reaching communities in need of assistance in Indonesia's Palu and Dongala, but widespread devastation following the earthquake and tsunami makes it painstakingly slow work, responders tell Devex.

India counts down to its open defecation elimination goal
4 Oct 2018

Academics and development experts want to see political support for Clean India beyond 2019 to address infrastructure gaps and ensure last-mile quality sanitation access. But for now, the Swachh Bharat Mission demonstrates unparalleled positive behavior change, they tell Devex.

Inside the MSF unit that tests new tools for the field
3 Oct 2018

Médecins Sans Frontières’ "displacement unit" is among the medical humanitarian’s organization’s smallest teams — but it’s been tasked with the big job of facilitating innovation for MSF missions around the world.

A new global office will support UNFPA's growing humanitarian work
28 Sep 2018

The United Nations Population Fund's work in crisis contexts has only increased over the years. Now, the U.N. agency is reorganizing its global team to better support a growing emergency portfolio.

700 words and expressions to help aid workers communicate with Rohingya refugees
20 Sep 2018

Words such as "gender" and "chlorine tablets" may be familiar to aid actors, but not necessarily to the communities they serve. Nonprofit Translators without Borders is on a mission to help aid groups find the right words to better assist Rohingya in Cox's Bazar.

6 conversations you missed at the World Economic Forum on ASEAN
14 Sep 2018

More than 1,000 participants from 43 countries gathered for the event in Hanoi, Vietnam, this week. From innovative financing for malaria to a first-time focus on sexual harassment in the workplace, here are a few things you might have missed from the three-day summit.

At WEF in Vietnam, Plan International CEO puts sexual harassment on the agenda
14 Sep 2018

There are three main thoughts any private sector or development leader will have when confronted with a case of sexual abuse. But there is always only one way to respond, according to Plan International CEO Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen.