Kelli Rogers


Kelli Rogers is a global development reporter for Devex. Based in Bangkok, she covers disaster and crisis response, innovation, women’s rights, and development trends throughout Asia. Prior to her current post, she covered leadership, careers, and the USAID implementer community from Washington, D.C. Previously, she reported on social and environmental issues from Nairobi, Kenya. Kelli holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri, and has since reported from more than 20 countries.

Latest Articles

Can a new app more safely identify human trafficking victims?
9 Apr 2018

A new mobile app seeks to provide a cost-efficient platform to interview potential trafficking victims — and to disrupt the often biased or unsafe measures many groups currently use to conduct interviews.

In the Maldives, 'total regression' of women's rights, environmental protection, activists say
6 Apr 2018

For much of the past three decades, the Maldives has been considered a general development success story. Now, United Nations agencies and civil society groups are struggling to enact change around a government presenting a very different front at home than abroad.

Inside SIDA's approach to gender equality funding
2 Apr 2018

Recent criticism of the limitations of women's empowerment projects has been directed at donors. How does Swedish foreign aid, lauded for its deep-rooted feminist principles, make decisions on where and how to provide gender-focused funding?

To weather shocks in Asia-Pacific, strengthen these 4 resilience capacities, says UNDP region chief
30 Mar 2018

Guarding against economic and environmental shocks while moving toward sustainable development will require in-country commitment to resilience, but there is also room for capacity building boosts from the international community, United Nations Development Programme regional director for Asia and the Pacific Haoliang Xu told Devex.

Global bodies urge Asia-Pacific's citizens to demand cleaner air
23 Mar 2018

Underneath a sky obscured in recent months by thick haze, residents and media of Bangkok are sounding the alarm on the effects of ongoing pollution. This unrest is welcome, according to Helena Molin Valdes, head of the Paris-based Climate and Clean Air Coalition.

Challenging terrain slows Papua New Guinea earthquake response
19 Mar 2018

Following a 7.5 magnitude earthquake in late February, many of the country's hardest hit areas are only accessible by air. Aid groups continue to assess damage village by village.

What would a refugee compact for Bangladesh look like?
19 Mar 2018

Six months after the influx of nearly 700,000 Rohingya refugees to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, created the world’s fastest-growing humanitarian emergency, actors in the international aid community are exploring sustainable solutions. One model on the table is the refugee compact.

'Women's empowerment:' Ambiguous term or effective call to action?
13 Mar 2018

As debate over the role of such efforts rages on, Devex asked 10 development professionals to define "women's empowerment." Here's what they had to say.

Q&A: Expect 'exponential growth' of violence prevention work in Asia-Pacific
13 Mar 2018

A 10-year United Nations joint regional violence prevention program has just come to a close. What did program stakeholders learn about transforming social norms to prevent violence against women and girls?

What it will take to enter a new era of women's economic empowerment
8 Mar 2018

On International Women's Day, Devex takes a look at a sector under fire for a "one-size-fits-all" approach and a focus on economics at the expense of political power.