Kelli Rogers


In her role as associate editor, Kelli Rogers helps to shape Devex content around leadership, professional growth and careers for professionals in international development, humanitarian aid and global health. As the manager of Doing Good, one of Devex's highest-circulation publications, she is constantly on the lookout for the latest staffing changes, hiring trends and tricks for recruiting skilled local and international staff for aid projects that make a difference. Kelli has studied or worked in Spain, Costa Rica and Kenya.

Latest Articles

A Trump-induced competition for women's health funding in Colombia
21 Jun 2017

Both the United Nations Population Fund and Profamilia are dedicated to the sexual and reproductive health of women in Colombia. But the recent peace agreement, the global gag rule and the Kemp-Kasten amendment have created a competitive funding environment for women’s health in the recovering country.

'Global gag rule' hampers reproductive health actors in rural Colombia
14 Jun 2017

Due to noncompliance with the "global gag rule," family planning NGO Profamilia is no longer eligible for $1.2 million in U.S. Agency for International Development funding for its sexual and reproductive health program focused on conflict-affected populations throughout war-torn Colombia. Now, program advisers in the field hustle to accomplish what they can by December.

Q&A: 3 questions for Chile's minister of gender equity
13 Jun 2017

Devex caught up with Chile's Minister of Women and Gender Equity Claudia Pascual in Santiago, to find out what she considers her biggest wins to date, and why she feels Chile still has a long way to go to meet gender equality targets.

In Colombia, 'global gag rule' punishes conflict-affected populations
6 Jun 2017

Colombia is a prime example of the 'global gag rule’s' punishing grip on integrated programs that have nothing to do with abortion. In villages still reeling from 50 years of war, the shuttering of Profamilia’s U.S. Agency for International Development-funded program and the reproductive health care and community therapy it provides is a blow to a slow healing process.

A plea to save the Paris Agreement, but little attention for Yemen: This week in development news
1 Jun 2017

The U.N.'s Guterres makes a plea for saving the Paris climate agreement, the 70th World Health Assembly came to a close and Germany rewrites its engagement with Africa. This week in development news.

Brazil to tackle its 'wicked problems' with new SDGlab
23 May 2017

Brazilian civil society organization Agenda Pública has combined Sustainable Development Goal 17 with its own facilitation strategies and change theory to tackle the country’s most dynamic problems. Here's what they've learned so far.

The world's famine alarm finds itself on Trump's chopping block
5 May 2017

Since 1985, the U.S. Agency for International Development's Early Warning Famine Systems Network has provided early analysis on acute food insecurity, allowing humanitarians to act sooner. Will the highly successful FEWS NET survive budget cuts?

Q&A: How the IDB is establishing itself as the multilateral model for gender equality
2 May 2017

In March, the Inter-American Development Bank received the EDGE certification for gender equality. Devex caught up with IDB Executive Vice President and gender equality champion Julie Katzman to find out how the bank has internalized diversity and inclusion, and why it’s so important to “walk the talk” when promoting women’s labor force participation in its everyday work.

Q&A: A private sector 'productivity tool' to eliminate poverty is catching on around the world
27 Apr 2017

Poverty Stoplight, a visual survey that uses a series of photographs for families to self-assess their level of poverty, is Fundación Paraguaya founder Martin Burt's idea of eliminating multidimensional poverty. Now, the private sector is finding its own use for the tool.

Colombia's Muñoz optimistic despite multiple development challenges
7 Apr 2017

Simón Gaviria Muñoz, director of Colombia's National Planning Department, told Devex on the sidelines of WEF Latin America, that integrating multiple development goals was the key to overall success.