Kelli Rogers


In her role as associate editor, Kelli Rogers helps to shape Devex content around leadership, professional growth and careers for professionals in international development, humanitarian aid and global health. As the manager of Doing Good, one of Devex's highest-circulation publications, she is constantly on the lookout for the latest staffing changes, hiring trends and tricks for recruiting skilled local and international staff for aid projects that make a difference. Kelli has studied or worked in Spain, Costa Rica and Kenya.

Latest Articles

The key elements of an exit strategy, according to one small project in Cambodia
16 Jan 2017

Weh Yeoh has spent the last three and half years working to introduce a new profession — speech therapy — to Cambodia. As the OIC founder prepares to step away from the day-to-day operations this year, Devex caught up with him at the project's offices in Phnom Penh to chat about avoiding founder's syndrome and his thoughts on what makes a solid exit strategy.

Development actors bet on political power shift to save Cambodia's forgotten forest
11 Jan 2017

What happens when a matter of international concern finds itself governed at the most local of levels? Development actors in Cambodia believe a recent government decree will mean the difference for safeguarding Prey Lang, one of the country's most resource rich and threatened forests.

Is it time to devise a faster response to slow onset disasters?
5 Jan 2017

Even when triggers and warning mechanisms are geared toward slow onset disasters, the donor and aid community are often not responding fast enough. Experts tell Devex it’s either time to bolster drought indicators and better define action tied to early warning systems, or rethink aid frameworks altogether.

Devex's top 2016 lifestyle coverage
20 Dec 2016

The everyday life of an aid worker is equal parts frustrating and fascinating, enigmatic and entertaining. In 2016, Devex sought to bring you a mix of content that would capture your unique lifestyles and suit the many varieties of moods and career stages you find yourselves in.

New WHO guidelines signal greater focus on antenatal care experience
20 Dec 2016

One of the core recommendations of focused antenatal care for the last 15 years has been reworked in the World Health Organization's newly released guidelines. Devex caught up with the WHO's lead researcher and several maternal health experts to find out what it means for health programs and health workers.

USAID's current priorities in Vietnam: A blend of old and new
19 Dec 2016

Several of the U.S. government's priorities in Vietnam can be traced to events that damaged relations between the two countries decades ago, but USAID is now looking ahead for new ideas. Devex sat down with Mission Director Michael Greene to discuss how U.S. priorities have adapted as Vietnam has risen in the global ranks — and how they might change further under a new administration.

Vietnam's slow emergency: 4 lessons learned from drought response
7 Dec 2016

El Niño has subsided and Vietnam is slowly recovering from a devastating drought. But development professionals are still working out how the lower-middle-income country can improve links between humanitarian aid and development assistance, why local politics are crucial in future climate change response, and what role rice will play in the Vietnam of tomorrow.

In Morocco, USAID bets on soft skills
25 Nov 2016

In a global conversation about whether job-creating foreign aid should keep its longtime focus on employability in traditional sectors or move toward stimulating entrepreneurship, USAID Morocco is saying, "Why not both?"

Inside Nepal's post-quake 'maker space'
24 Nov 2016

Disaster often becomes a catalyst for innovation — a phenomenon Nepal Communitere seeks to harness and support following the country's devastating 2015 earthquake. Devex visited the nonprofit's converted shipping containers in Patan to find out how it's going just over a year since its opening.

48 hours in Rabat, Morocco: A development insider's guide
15 Nov 2016

The African Development Bank, the French Development Agency and the World Bank are just a few of the institutions with offices in Rabat. Here is the global development professionals' guide to navigating Morocco's capital.