Kelli Rogers


In her role as associate editor, Kelli Rogers helps to shape Devex content around leadership, professional growth and careers for professionals in international development, humanitarian aid and global health. As the manager of Doing Good, one of Devex's highest-circulation publications, she is constantly on the lookout for the latest staffing changes, hiring trends and tricks for recruiting skilled local and international staff for aid projects that make a difference. Kelli has studied or worked in Spain, Costa Rica and Kenya.

Latest Articles

3 ways gender data could go 'big'
21 Mar 2017

Credit card use, mobile phone calls, social media posts and satellite imagery are all being used to inform mainstream development efforts. But what about gender issues? Data2X presents the results of three pilots to harness the power of digital data for women and girls.

How CEO Sean Callahan plans to shake up CRS culture
20 Mar 2017

Sean Callahan recently moved his desk into a smaller office, converting the larger space into a conference room for staff. It's the first of many changes in an organizational culture he plans to lead by example. Devex caught up with the Catholic Relief Services CEO about what else we can expect from the nonprofit under his stewardship.

Can better warnings about dangerous crossings stem the tide of African migrants?
20 Mar 2017

Rumors of successful journeys to Europe abound. Stories of illegal detention, rape, robbery and the perils of desert and sea crossings, meanwhile, are less often recounted by survivors. This month, the International Organization for Migration is launching the "Aware Migrants" campaign to improve information access for those considering the journey from West Africa to Libya, Algeria or Italy.

In Peru, a grassroots organization gives public spaces back to citizens
15 Mar 2017

Ocupa tu Calle has organized 17 interventions to promote the recovery of misused public space throughout Lima. Here’s what the group has learned about citizen and government engagement in urban spaces, and what they plan to do next.

A lesson in likeability with CRS CEO Sean Callahan
13 Mar 2017

It's an approachable matter-of-factness that accompanies Sean Callahan into a room — an attribute that has served him from conflict zones to boardrooms and has now launched him to CRS' top spot. Devex accompanied the Catholic Relief Services CEO to Niger to learn more about what motivates him.

In global development, calls for gender parity only grow louder
8 Mar 2017

This past year — and even the past few months — have seen both huge gains and devastating setbacks for gender parity. Today, on International Women’s Day, Devex is highlighting content that speaks to the state of women in development, challenging both men and women to help forge a gender inclusive working world and to take actions big and small to drive change for women.

Trump denounces foreign spending while the Dutch fill funding gaps: This week in development news
2 Mar 2017

President Donald Trump denounces U.S. foreign spending, the Dutch government leads an effort to fill funding gaps left by the global gag rule, and both the Global Fund and Adam Smith International start over in different ways. This week in development news.

How Malaysia aims to reboot its 'smartest city'
2 Mar 2017

Malaysia’s self-proclaimed "smartest city," Cyberjaya, celebrates its 20th birthday this year. Devex caught up with its developers, who have hatched a new strategy to launch the city from a call center-focused tech park to an innovative tech hub.

Bridging humanitarian, development nexus 'central theme' at Lake Chad Basin conference
24 Feb 2017

Donors pledged at least $672 million for relief efforts in the African countries around the Lake Chad Basin at an international donor conference Friday. What isn’t yet clear is how much of the now 45-percent-funded appeal will go toward humanitarian relief or to long-term development, peace building or livelihood efforts.

Niger conflict highlights humanitarian aid, development funding divide
23 Feb 2017

NGOs count insecurity and lack of international donor attention among the greatest challenges of operating in far eastern Niger. Many actors are now looking to Friday’s donor conference in Oslo to mobilize more flexible, long-term funding to better address the forgotten conflict in Diffa and the greater Lake Chad region.