Lisa Cornish


Lisa Cornish is a Devex reporter based in Canberra, Australia. Lisa formerly worked with News Corp Australia as a data journalist for the national network and was published throughout Australia in major metropolitan and regional newspapers, including the Daily Telegraph in Melbourne, Herald Sun in Melbourne, Courier-Mail in Brisbane and online through Lisa additionally consults with Australian government providing data analytics, reporting and visualization services. Lisa was awarded the 2014 Journalist of the Year by the New South Wales Institute of Surveyors.

Latest Articles

What does it take to be a gender expert in development?
17 Jan 2017

Gender experts are increasingly sought after in order to better target programs and distribute aid most effectively. Devex sat down with one of Australia’s leading gender specialists to discuss what it takes to be a gender expert in development today.

Thanks but no thanks: Unwanted goods flood disaster-struck developing countries
17 Jan 2017

High heels, handbags, chainsaws and carpets — these are just some of the goods donated to Vanuatu and Fiji following recent natural disasters. A new report from Red Cross Australia reveals the financial and physical burdens and waste caused by these unrequested donated goods.

Agriculture and food security — where are we headed in 2017?
11 Jan 2017

Agriculture and food security researchers visited Canberra in December for discussions with the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. And as 2017 will be an important year for establishing long-term goals and making important advances within the sector, Devex spoke with attendees to better understand its prospects.

10 Australian MPs to watch on aid in 2017
10 Jan 2017

In a divided new Parliament, opinions about aid vary widely. What will it mean for the sector? Devex has your guide to the personalities who will wield the most influence on the Australian aid program in 2017.

The biggest funding trends from latest donor data
9 Jan 2017

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's latest statistics show an overall decline in donor funding in 2015. Devex delves into the data with an interactive analysis tool.

What donors, recipients and businesses want from aid for trade
6 Jan 2017

Aid for trade programs account for a rising share of development budgets. Devex takes a behind-the-scenes look at what donors, the private sector, and developing countries want to get out of these programs — and where better coordination is needed.

How International RiverFoundation uses awards to foster development partnerships
22 Dec 2016

Winners of an annual prize in water management are encouraged to share their knowledge with developing countries through Twinning programs.

Inside Australia's new international trade certification program for professionals
20 Dec 2016

Devex goes behind the scenes of a new program to help traders — particularly small and medium-sized enterprises — build the skills and expertise they need to navigate global exchange.

7 good news takeaways on future of aid for trade
19 Dec 2016

Despite global rhetoric against trade, Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade hosted representatives from 19 countries on Dec. 13-14 to think big about how developing countries can benefit from global exchange. As the exclusive media representative to the conference, Devex has the key takeaways.

From Pennsylvania to Melbourne: An outside the box internship in sustainable development
16 Dec 2016

It is not every day that a college student from Pennsylvania finds herself interning at a small sustainable fashion company in the suburbs of Melbourne. That's just what Katie Foreman did, and a host of new career opportunities followed.