Lisa Cornish


Lisa Cornish is a Devex reporter based in Canberra, Australia. Lisa formerly worked with News Corp Australia as a data journalist for the national network and was published throughout Australia in major metropolitan and regional newspapers, including the Daily Telegraph in Melbourne, Herald Sun in Melbourne, Courier-Mail in Brisbane and online through Lisa additionally consults with Australian government providing data analytics, reporting and visualization services. Lisa was awarded the 2014 Journalist of the Year by the New South Wales Institute of Surveyors.

Latest Articles

What is happening with USAID's business forecasts?
19 May 2017

The United States Agency for International Development is already planning for life under the Trump administration with anticipated budget reductions, consolidated programs and investments that focus on crisis and conflict-related programs. Quarter three of the agency's business forecast data provides clues as to how those plans might look.

Insights from 4th annual report card from the Civil Society Coalition on Women, Peace and Security
19 May 2017

The Fourth Annual Australian Civil Society Coalition on Women, Peace and Security Report Card provides an important insight into Australia's progress to date against the United Nations women, peace and security agenda. As Australia begins the consultation phase for their second action plan, discussing current strengths and weaknesses are important for developing a strengthened plan supporting women and girls globally.

Have your say on remuneration and conditions for in-country Australian aid workers
17 May 2017

International advisers are an important element for the delivery of Australia's aid program — and the Aid Adviser Remuneration Framework defines the policies and procedures for determining the payment and conditions for commercially-contracted international advisers. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade are opening up the ARF for partners to have their say.

Combating illegal fishing a priority for WEF on ASEAN
15 May 2017

Illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing represents a dangerous threat to the environment, livelihood and health of Pacific Island nations. At the World Economic Forum on ASEAN, held in Phnom Penh, a new hard-line strategy was announced Friday to combat illegal fishing, with cooperation at its core.

Takeaways from the World Economic Forum on ASEAN
12 May 2017

Talk of connectivity and growth were high on the agenda at this week's WEF ASEAN, but ultimately the conference raised far more questions than it addressed. Devex looks at some of the key questions raised during the conference.

Performance of Australian aid: 6 key insights from the 2015-16 report
12 May 2017

Following the newest cut of 303.3 million Australian dollars ($223.2 million) to Australia's aid program, Devex delves into the latest Performance of Australian Aid report, assessing the challenges facing Australia's aid program.

Q&A: Boosting options for entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia
11 May 2017

A new partnership announced in April will see the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Rockefeller Foundation join forces to boost entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia. Devex spoke with Jenny Everett, managing director of ANDE, about the impact and directions of the program.

Australia's aid budget in the spotlight
10 May 2017

Australia's development sector is still reeling from a new round of cuts to the aid program announced in the federal budget. On Wednesday in Canberra, discussions on the way forward began — with no clear understanding of what the next steps should be.

Aid workers witnessing: What are the impacts on aid workers?
9 May 2017

Aid workers witnessing can be an important way of communicating with the outside world on human rights or other abuses occurring within developing countries. But what are the impacts on aid workers? It was a question Elizabeth Lennon addressed with research findings presented at the Asia Pacific Humanitarian Leadership Conference.

Australia's 2017 budget: Takeaways for the aid program
9 May 2017

Australia's 2017 federal budget holds good news for aid in the short-term with possible trouble ahead. While no funds are being diverted to counterterrorism for now, more than 300 million Australian dollars ($221 million) are set to move into other foreign policy portfolios beginning in 2021.