Maja Wisenberger


Maja Wisenberger works in Devex's Analytics team in Manila, assisting in expanding data content and analyzing global funding trends. She has a master's degree in Public Policy from China and she brings experience from UNOPS, UN Women and the nonprofit sector. Her main areas of interest are poverty alleviation, economic and gender equality, and Chinese philanthropy.

Latest Articles

Interactive: USAID nutrition projects worldwide
22 Feb 2019

Devex has analyzed a combination of ongoing and completed USAID nutrition projects, basing the initial data on USAID's published nutrition profiles and leading global nutrition initiatives. The result is an interactive visualization that allows you to explore each project in-depth.

DFID funding opportunities for 2019
21 Dec 2018

Devex analyzes the U.K. Department for International Development's procurement opportunities in 2019: what they are and who the department is working with.

Interactive: IDB trends and top consultant contractors 2016-2018
9 Nov 2018

Devex analyzes the Inter-American Development Bank's top consultant contractors over the past two years.

World Bank contracts 2017: Top Chinese contractors
11 Oct 2018

China is the leading country of origin for World Bank contractors. In the final part of Devex's series on the bank's 2017 contracts, we explore the rise of Chinese contractors and identify the bank's top 10.

World Bank contracts 2017: Top 10 consultants
8 Oct 2018

Consultant services accounted for more than half of World Bank contract awards in 2017. Devex takes a look at the biggest winners.

Interactive: Is the latest EuropeAid framework contract old wine in a new bottle?
23 Aug 2018

EuropeAid's new framework contract included significant reforms — but has that been reflected in the winning contractors?