Malia Politzer


Malia Politzer is an award-winning long-form journalist who specializes in international development, human rights issues and investigative reporting. She recently completed a fellowship from the Institute of Current World Affairs in India and Spain. For three years, she worked as a feature-writer at Mint, India’s second-largest financial newspaper, where she wrote about international development, strategic philanthropy and impact investing. She holds an M.S. journalism from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where she was a Stabile Fellow for Investigative Journalism, and a B.A. from Hampshire College.

Latest Articles

Policies that promote healthy hearts
18 May 2017

Treating cardiovascular disease is one of the biggest, fastest-growing burdens on national health care programs, prompting the World Health Organization to create a global action plan for the prevention and control of diseases that calls for a 25 percent reduction in premature mortality from cardiovascular disease. Devex looks at key strategies that governments and policymakers can use to improve cardiovascular outcomes, including the best practice policies that governments can adopt to lower heart disease among their populations, and also where policy gaps remain.

Going for Goals: How to innovate on health sector financing
15 May 2017

Despite major improvements in health outcomes over the past 30 years, we still have a long way to go. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals will need considerable resources, which is why finding innovative financing methods will be critical to their success or failure. Devex examines some of the challenges and opportunities of different financing mechanisms — from public-private partnerships, to blended finance and impact investing.

Q&A: BearingPoint Partner Jean-Michel Huet on what makes a city truly 'smart'
27 Mar 2017

How can we ensure that cities are not just smart, but also sustainable in the long run — both in terms of economic and population growth? Devex spoke to Jean-Michel Huet, partner at BearingPoint, to learn what it takes to build connected, financially sustainable smart cities in the “global south,” the biggest challenges to smart city implementation, and the most effective strategies to overcome them.

Taking the smart route to inclusive, sustainable and connected cities
27 Feb 2017

There are many ways for a city to be “smart.” Innovations in governance and administration, how to best involve citizens in city planning, and the implementation of existing and new technologies are just some of the key components of smart cities. Devex explores the nuts and bolts of building a smarter city.

PPPs key to improved health access in Africa
17 Oct 2016

What is the role of the private sector and innovative partnerships in improving access to primary health facilities in Africa? Philips’ Head of Research in Africa Bahaa Eddine Sarroukh gives us the inside track.

Taking the pulse of health markets: Challenges and strategies
12 Sep 2016

What makes an effective health market? Devex explores some of the challenges blocking market access in developing countries, and strategies that stakeholders can use to remove key barriers — from forming innovative partnerships, to developing markets, social marketing, and medical franchising.

Solving the data conundrum: How to leverage tech and 'big data' for impact
11 Jul 2016

From combing phone subscription records to estimate population density and poverty levels, to analyzing tweets to predict a pending food crisis, emerging technology and the availability of "big data" sources offers global development and humanitarian aid organizations new ways to optimize both their effectiveness and reach. A #DataDriven Week One feature.

Harnessing the power of the private sector to fight a growing 'double burden'
7 Apr 2016

What role can the private sector play in finding a sustainable, widespread and lasting solution to the growing "double burden" of stunting and undernourishment, and obesity and diabetes? Devex spoke to organizations fighting global malnutrition to see best practices for the private sector, possible pitfalls and opportunities.

#AcrossBorders and the future: From destination to integration
21 Mar 2016

Governments and nongovernmental organizations alike are grappling with how to tackle long-term issues of the sustainable integration of refugees. In this #AcrossBorders Week Four feature, Devex spoke to a number of organizations to learn about their biggest challenges and best practices in ensuring a smooth integration of refugees at their destination.

Serving refugees on their journey #AcrossBorders: Biggest challenges and best practices
7 Mar 2016

With limited resources and an ever-growing number of refugees, humanitarian aid actors and government authorities face myriad challenges — from medical care and education to the most basic needs such as food, sanitation, and shelter. This #AcrossBorders Week Two feature looks at biggest challenges and best practices of serving refugees on their journey.