Michael Igoe


Michael Igoe is a Senior Reporter with Devex, based in Washington, D.C. He covers U.S. foreign aid, global health, climate change, and development finance. Prior to joining Devex, Michael researched water management and climate change adaptation in post-Soviet Central Asia, where he also wrote for EurasiaNet. Michael earned his bachelor's degree from Bowdoin College, where he majored in Russian, and his master’s degree from the University of Montana, where he studied international conservation and development.

Latest Articles

Kabila's election decision, Oxfam's safeguard policy, and North Korean aid: This week in development
9 Aug 2018

Oxfam regrets an overdue policy change, the United States backs easier aid to North Korea, and the Democratic Republic of Congo catches a glimpse of a new beginning.

20 years after a shocking attack, US aid groups grapple with countering violent extremism
7 Aug 2018

20 years ago, al-Qaida-linked terrorists attacked U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. As U.S. aid and development organizations grapple with how to confront violent extremism, the consequences of those horrific bombings continue to reverberate.

Politics plague MCC, Ebola strikes again, and Indian farmers take on World Bank immunity: This week in development
2 Aug 2018

The Millennium Challenge Corporation becomes a political battleground, the U.S. Supreme Court considers World Bank immunity, and the United Nations chief warns of financial trouble.

Christians and the new age of AIDS
23 Jul 2018

Christian evangelicals played a pivotal role in building support for the historic $15 billion investment in fighting HIV and AIDS around the world. U.S. global health leaders are looking to the church again as the fight against the disease enters a new and complex phase.

Facebook's hate speech problem, PEPFAR's local push, and Brexit's aid deals: This week in development
19 Jul 2018

Facebook promises to remove violence-inciting misinformation, Obama defends international cooperation, and the World Bank sees a boost in human capital lending.

Q&A: 'If the information isn't good then democracy can't be healthy,' says incoming NDI chief
18 Jul 2018

Devex spoke to Derek Mitchell, former U.S. ambassador to Myanmar who was recently announced as the next president of the National Democratic Institute, about how organizations that work on democracy and governance can respond to the current moment.

Shaken by Myanmar's retreat from democracy, US aid leaders ponder next steps
18 Jul 2018

Myanmar's historic elections in 2015 felt to many like an improbable triumph of democracy. Today they stand as a reminder that political transition is more often a slow and halting process.

As hate speech spread in Myanmar, US ambassador says Facebook was hard to reach
18 Jul 2018

The former U.S. ambassador to Myanmar told Devex that as hate speech against Myanmar's Rohingya minority moved from DVDs to Facebook, he could not get a meeting with the tech giant to enlist their help in the fight against misinformation.

PEPFAR chief wants 70 percent 'indigenous' funding in 30 months
16 Jul 2018

U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator Deborah Birx described the ambitious effort — which has not previously been reported — in Baltimore, Maryland, on Friday. "If we're going to have a sustained program, it has to be completely indigenous," she said.

UN reform plans, Germany's aid budget, and harassment safeguards: This week in development
12 Jul 2018

A "victim-centered" approach for aid sector safeguards, a new job description for U.N. resident coordinators, and Germany’s underwhelming budget plans.