Michael Igoe


Michael Igoe is a senior correspondent for Devex. Based in Washington, D.C., he covers U.S. foreign aid and emerging trends in international development and humanitarian policy. Michael draws on his experience as both a journalist and international development practitioner in Central Asia to develop stories from an insider's perspective.

Latest Articles

USAID is ready, but still waiting, for the Trump transition
9 Dec 2016

Donald Trump's landing team hasn't arrived at the U.S. Agency for International Development yet, leaving sitting aid officials to wonder whether they'll have time to brief the incoming administration in person or whether their written briefings will have to do.

DfID contractors face tough questions, and the UN asks for $22 billion: This week in development news
8 Dec 2016

The European Commission wants to explore connections between development and national security, a major UK aid contractor faces serious questions, and the United Nations issues its largest-ever humanitarian funding appeal. This week in development news.

DfID's aid reviews and World AIDS Day 2016: This week in development news
2 Dec 2016

The U.K. aid agency released its long-awaited multilateral and bilateral development reviews, and Colombia’s post-peace deal plans look to get back on track. This week in development news.

Gates CEO says polio's return to Nigeria is her 'biggest disappointment'
30 Nov 2016

Sue Desmond-Hellmann, CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, reflected on her biggest disappointment since joining the world's largest foundation in 2014 — and had a word of advice for Donald Trump.

Trump waffles on climate change, while Zika gets reclassifed: This week in development news
24 Nov 2016

Donald Trump offers a glimmer of hope to those concerned about U.S. climate commitments, Zika virus gets reclassified from global health emergency to long-term threat, Colombia and FARC are closing in on a revised peace deal, and EU is taking steps to integrate SDGs into its foreign aid plans. This week in development news.

Climate change, Trump and finance: A look back at COP22
21 Nov 2016

Devex reported on both weeks of this COP, gauging the reaction to the U.S. election, catching up with global development leaders, zeroing in on questions of finance, and breaking down what it all means for development professionals. Catch up here.

Who's fighting for the Adaptation Fund?
18 Nov 2016

Developing countries laud the Adaptation Fund's direct access structure, but others see the climate finance institution as a potential burden. Now, the small but symbolically important fund is waiting on negotiators during the final day at COP22 to agree what its role will be in the post-Paris agreement era.

If Trump goes 'rogue' on climate, developing countries will make him pay
17 Nov 2016

The U.S. president-elect's climate plans could turn an amicable international climate conversation into a costly battle with countries already feeling the effects of a warmer world.

Jeff Sachs on global development after Trump
15 Nov 2016

Devex spoke to Jeff Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, about the U.S. election, Trump's climate change plans, and what it all means for development professionals.

Rachel Kyte on the global energy access challenge
15 Nov 2016

Rachel Kyte describes Sustainable Energy for All as "your favorite aunt with elbows." We spoke with the U.N.'s sustainable energy chief in Marrakech, about her mission to connect the world to clean energy and clean cooking.