Michael Igoe


Michael Igoe is a senior correspondent for Devex. Based in Washington, D.C., he covers U.S. foreign aid and emerging trends in international development and humanitarian policy. Michael draws on his experience as both a journalist and international development practitioner in Central Asia to develop stories from an insider's perspective.

Latest Articles

How to tell your organization's story in the age of Trump
21 Apr 2017

Devex spoke with James Helm, partner at Portland Communications and former spokesperson for the United Kingdom's Department for International Development, about how to craft a compelling communications strategy, at a time when views of global development cooperation are changing.

Want a World Bank promotion? Prepare a commercially-viable project.
20 Apr 2017

The World Bank is currently set up to reward staff for getting loans out the door. But staffers who set up projects the private sector can handle are the ones who should get promotions, said President Jim Kim.

World Bank President Kim: Time to 'come up with a new plan' for climate finance
20 Apr 2017

World Bank President Jim Kim spoke to reporters Thursday about the need to rethink climate finance, reported cuts to the U.K. aid budget, and World Bank cooperation with China.

AfDB chief says bank will need capital increase soon, could look to markets
19 Apr 2017

The African Development Bank is fighting to keep up with Africa's huge demand for financing. Akinwume Adesina, the AfDB chief, spoke about some of the steps he's taking to help fill the gap.

Are World Bank staffers, and projects, suffering from too much screen time?
19 Apr 2017

The World Bank’s inspection panel released lessons from its assessments of environmental and social harm caused by bank projects. One of their messages is that bank staffers should rely less on documents and computer models and more on their own observations of what is actually happening at — and around — a project site.

While aid donors embrace transformation, India mulls a universal basic income
18 Apr 2017

While some countries and aid donors have dabbled in direct cash transfers, India is looking at whether rolling out a massive basic income program could eliminate poverty from the country entirely.

Building citizen support for the renewable revolution
6 Apr 2017

Civil society space is closing in many parts of the world — at the same time, efforts to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy are expanding. Does democratic backsliding threaten the renewable energy revolution?

City leaders aim to weather Trump's climate change backslide
4 Apr 2017

In the age of Trump, mayors will lead on climate change action — and nations will follow, said former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The WFP's new chief and Trump's climate rollback: This week in development news
30 Mar 2017

The World Food Programme looks for safety from Trump’s budget cuts in a politically savvy executive director, while the U.N.’s annual Commission on the Status of Women reflected a mix of progress and protest. This week in development.

Is PEPFAR a Trump budget winner? Not so fast...
24 Mar 2017

In Trump's skinny budget, international HIV programs look like a rare bright spot among global health and development programs targeted for deep cuts. But health experts are urging caution before jumping to that conclusion.