Paul Adepoju


Paul Adepoju is a Nigeria-based freelance journalist, academic, and author. He covers health and tech in Africa for leading local and international media outlets including CNN, Quartz, and The Guardian. He's also the founder of He is completing a doctorate in cell biology and genetics and holds several reporting awards in health and tech.

Latest Articles

What development groups want from Nigeria's election
12 Feb 2019

As Nigeria heads into election week, advocates say more is at stake for development than ever before.

In Nigeria, Trump administration policies bite hard
5 Feb 2019

The impact of two U.S. policies restricting aid for sexual and reproductive health and rights around the world is being felt hard in Nigeria, a country on the verge of a potentially crippling population boom.

Nigeria faces a health financing cliff edge
7 Jan 2019

Nigeria remains heavily reliant on foreign funding for programs tackling polio, malaria, HIV, and more. Is it ready for those flows to stop?

Nigeria's medical brain drain
20 Nov 2018

Hospitals in the U.K. and U.S. are filling up with Nigerian doctors, as its own hospitals empty, threatening to undermine health care advances.

Why almost no one in Nigeria is using HIV prevention drugs
7 Nov 2018

Medicine that reduces the chance of HIV infection has been approved in Nigeria, but the government says it can't afford to fund it.

Pregnant women in Nigeria are shunning medical centers. Here's why.
25 Oct 2018

Nigeria has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, and a complicated relationship between traditional birth attendants and government means women are losing out on medical care.

Nigeria's hidden HIV crisis
3 Oct 2018

Almost a quarter of gay men in the country have HIV but most cannot access treatment.