Rebecca Root


Rebecca Root is an editorial associate and reporter at Devex. She has a background in journalism and communications, and has written for a variety of publications while living and working in New York and London. She is now based in Barcelona and produces multimedia editorial content for digital content series and media partnerships.

Latest Articles

Older generation at risk of being left behind in push for UHC
12 Dec 2018

Could a lack of data mean older people aren't getting access to the care they need? A new report by HelpAge International and AARP claims the older generation is at risk of being left behind in the push toward universal health coverage.

Outlook remains bleak for South Sudan food crisis
7 Dec 2018

Despite rising humanitarian needs, the World Food Programme's Adnan Khan says they are able to do more with less if money is provided early.

Sport as a solution to disability inclusion
3 Dec 2018

Not usually seen as a key component to rehabilitation programs, how can sport bring down some of the barriers people with disabilities face? Reporting from Ethiopia, Devex explores.

Why would the UK want to withdraw from UNESCO
16 Nov 2018

Devex explains why the U.K.'s potential withdrawal from the U.N. agency is being discussed, and if it is likely to happen.

OECD calls for overhaul of the development finance system
13 Nov 2018

Financing to low-income countries is declining, and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development will not be reached under the current system, a new report finds.

What the appointment of a new UK sport and civil society minister means
12 Nov 2018

Mims Davies took on the ministerial role last week as the government declined to recreate a standalone post for the charity sector.

More than just a roof: Why integration is key to refugee rehousing
22 Oct 2018

When it comes to housing refugees, is a roof enough? Devex takes a look at five steps to achieving integration via housing projects.

Almost 700M lives saved by global health aid, report claims
15 Oct 2018

A report from the ONE Campaign claims that global health aid has prevented almost 700 million deaths since 1990 — but warns that progress could be reversed unless radical new commitments are made.

Communicating noncommunicable diseases
13 Aug 2018

The terms "noncommunicable diseases" or "NCDs" don't exactly lend themselves to snappy and exciting communications campaigns. But with renewed energy around this global health issue, that has to change. Devex speaks to experts in the field to find out how to communicate the noncommunicable.

Q&A: How the private sector can take WHO recommendations on NCDs forward
23 Jul 2018

Following the release of a report from WHO’s Independent High-level Commission on NCDs, Novartis Social Business’ Harald Nusser explains how the private sector can take some of its key recommendations forward.