Sam Mednick


Sam is a freelance journalist based in South Sudan. Over the past 12 years she’s reported on humanitarian, human interest and conflict stories from around the world. Sam’s work has taken her to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America and Europe, writing for VICE, the Associated Press, Devex, Barcelona Metropolitan and iPolitics among others. Sam also produces and hosts the Happy Melly Podcast, interviewing authors, speakers and thought leaders about what it takes to live productive and fulfilling lives.

Latest Articles

UNICEF's new executive director proposes a shift in priorities
31 Jan 2018

The United Nations children fund's new executive director, Henrietta Fore, is proposing a bold new approach for 2018. Devex spoke exclusively with the leader during her recent trip to South Sudan to find out more about her global vision, philosophy, and plans for the future of UNICEF.

To gain access in South Sudan, humanitarians walk a political tightrope
23 Jan 2018

Aid actors providing services to the most vulnerable in Southern South Sudan say the key to their success is being able to strategically gain favor with both the government and the opposition.

From pirate ships to iPhones: What it takes to ‘get things’ into complex environments
5 Dec 2017

Risks riddle the supply chain in South Sudan, with rigorous customs clearances, volatile security on major import routes, and an overall harsh operating environment. Devex caught up with several logistics experts navigating this challenging procurement context to find out what it takes to get goods into South Sudan.

6 ways one procurement company navigates the complexities of South Sudan
5 Dec 2017

Global Mission Support Services is a one-stop-shop for logistical needs in South Sudan and around the world. Devex spoke with country director Wilhelm Du Toit and owner Roy Shaposhnik about what it takes to bypass the red tape in order to bring items such as armored cars or communication equipment into one of the most dynamic and complex environments in the world.

Q&A: South Sudan's UN chief on a 'nimble, proactive' peacekeeping approach
27 Nov 2017

The U.N. peacekeeping mission in South Sudan has long been criticized for failing to carry out its mandate: protecting civilians. Devex sat down with David Shearer, who took the helm of the U.N. mission in January, to learn more about his approach to managing 13,000 peacekeepers in the country.

Q&A: Outgoing MSF chief reflects on a rapidly changing South Sudan
7 Nov 2017

After 14 months at the helm of one of MSF’s largest operations worldwide, Liz Harding is handing over the reins. Harding speaks exclusively with Devex about the challenges she’s faced and insights she’s gained working in one of the world’s most challenging aid environments.

What it takes to educate South Sudan's 'forgotten' communities
10 Oct 2017

The majority of organizations in South Sudan are focused on the immense humanitarian needs of more than 6 million people — but several agencies are now focused on developing and improving the country’s ailing education system for displaced and remote communities.

3 tips to design education programs for roving and displaced communities
9 Oct 2017

While humanitarian actors in South Sudan are stretched ever thinner, some development agencies are focusing on improving access to education for remote and displaced communities. Devex asked experts from the Food and Agriculture Organization and Girls Education South Sudan how to design and implement these specialized programs.

Lessons for aid workers in South Sudan
15 Aug 2017

In humanitarian aid, conflict zones have long been known as contexts requiring quick thinking and management skills under pressure and with few resources. But few places in the world are as complex and challenging as South Sudan. Expat humanitarians on the ground attribute it to a variety of factors.

Q&A: UNHCR chief Filippo Grandi on South Sudan's 'dead ends'
20 Jun 2017

South Sudan is the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency's Global Trends report released Monday. Devex accompanied U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi on his trip to Bentiu's U.N protected camp, and spoke with him about his impressions after the visit.