Sam Mednick


Sam is a freelance journalist based in South Sudan. Over the past 12 years she’s reported on humanitarian, human interest and conflict stories from around the world. Sam’s work has taken her to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America and Europe, writing for VICE, the Associated Press, Devex, Barcelona Metropolitan and iPolitics among others. Sam also produces and hosts the Happy Melly Podcast, interviewing authors, speakers and thought leaders about what it takes to live productive and fulfilling lives.

Latest Articles

6 ways to recruit and retain talent in South Sudan
21 Mar 2017

What does it take to attract and retain staff in one of the world’s most unstable countries? Devex spoke with leaders of several agencies operating in South Sudan to better understand the challenges — and to glean tips for how to do it well.

Is South Sudan set to reverse its $10,000 aid worker permit fee?
20 Mar 2017

Two weeks after its announcement, NGOs and government officials are pressuring South Sudan to reconsider its dramatic aid worker permit fee hike. Recent diplomatic meetings in the country could spell a reverse for the directive.

This is what it's like to deliver aid in South Sudan
6 Mar 2017

Emergency teams are stretched in one of the world's most expensive countries to deliver aid. The humanitarian community is bracing for resources — both human and financial — to be further strained in coming months due to a particularly challenging mix of geographical, logistical and bureaucratic factors.

USAID’s Pakistan strategy: Partner with local government – a conversation with Julie Koenen
6 May 2011

<p>In an exclusive interview with Devex, the U.S. Agency for International Development&rsquo;s regional office chief in Karachi, Julie Koenen, discusses USAID funding trends, the agency&rsquo;s focus on working with the Pakistani government, and strategies for aid implementers to secure funding.</p>

How to succeed in Pakistan development business: A conversation with Shahid Kahn
26 Apr 2011

<p>Pakistan is one of the world&rsquo;s top hot spots for international development business, with billions of dollars flowing to local and international NGOs each year. In an exclusive interview with Devex, a successful Pakistani contractor shares challenges and tips for winning donor procurements.</p>

Khurshid Bhatti: Funding shortage, violence are top aid worker fears in Pakistan
1 Sep 2010

For almost three weeks now, Khurshid Bhatti, president and CEO of the Association for Humanitarian Development, and his team have been helping entire communities affected by Pakistan’s unprecedented flooding move to safer areas. In an exclusive interview with Devex, Bhatti discusses the day-to-day working conditions of relief workers on the ground and the unique situations they face.

In Mideast Consulting, Culture is Key
13 Jan 2010

Engaging Arab talent is key to securing contracts in the Middle East, says ProDev Managing Partner Reda Mamari.

Industry Veteran Offers Tips on Mideast Consulting
13 Jan 2010

How does a consulting firm thrive in the Arab world? ProDev Managing Partner Reda Mamari shares some advice.

UNDP taps local talent for Lebanon projects
12 Jan 2010

<p>The United Nations Development Program relies mainly on Lebanese nationals to run its projects in the Middle Eastern country. But there are still opportunities for expats, says UNDP Resident Representative Marta Ruedas.</p>

Development trends in Lebanon: ‘It’s always hard to tell’
12 Jan 2010

In the past few years, donors had to retool their investments in Lebanon repeatedly due to the country’s instability. The United Nations now hope to move from recovery and reconstruction to poverty alleviation and development, says UNDP’s Marta Ruedas.