Sara Jerving


Sara Jerving is Devex's East Africa Correspondent based in Nairobi. She is a reporter and producer, whose work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, Vice News, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Nation magazine, among others. Sara holds a master's degree in business and economic reporting from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism where she was a Lorana Sullivan fellow.

Latest Articles

Q&A: A criticism of the 'innovation narrative'
26 Jun 2018

Rather than focusing on creating more pilot programs, humanitarians should work to create minimum standards for technological innovations. Nathaniel Raymond, director of the Signal Program on Human Security and Technology at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, talks to Devex about the sector's focus on innovation.

Q&A: 'Global gag rule' hits Kenya's largest reproductive health organization
25 Jun 2018

Family Health Options Kenya, the country's first and largest sexual and reproductive health organization, just closed another one of its clinics in Kenya because of the "global gag rule." Devex speaks to the organization's director of clinical services about the closures and the impact of the rule on operations.

In the Kasai crisis response, a priority on local health services
22 Jun 2018

Rather than bring in its own clinics and health workers, IMA World Health is paying patient fees directly to clinics in DRC's Kasai region, in efforts to ensure that health systems remain functional once the crisis that has affected millions abates.

The world's 5 most neglected displacement crises
7 Jun 2018

The Norwegian Refugee Council released a report ranking the world's most neglected displacement crises — the first five are all on the African continent.

Plan International's administrative hub — lessons learned
7 Jun 2018

Plan International launched an administrative hub for the Middle East last year, in which one country's office handles much of the organizational operations for its neighbors. Country Director of Plan International Egypt Mudasser Siddiqui talks to Devex about lessons learned so far.

Horn of Africa burdened with crisis after crisis
30 May 2018

Drought, floods, and cyclones — as climate change increases its influence over weather conditions in the region, unpredictable and destructive events are expected to become the new norm.

As cash transfers gain favor, time for a rehaul of market assessments
25 May 2018

The use of cash in the humanitarian sector has grown exponentially in recent years. Humanitarian actors spoke to Devex about the best practices for market assessments for these types of programs.

To achieve economic stability, better innovation is needed
24 May 2018

"The Atlas of Innovation for Economic Stability" report released this week by FHI 360, with support from The Rockefeller Foundation, holds 63 examples of innovations aimed at promoting economic stability, a topic often absent from the global development dialogue.

Fall armyworm invasion creates massive communications challenge in Africa
18 May 2018

An invasive species is threatening to wipe out huge swaths of staple crops across the continent. This would heighten food insecurity at a time when many countries are already facing severe challenges to feed their populations. Join Devex on the ground as we capture photo and video of the event heightening food insecurity.

A strategic mindset shift is needed by NGOs to fully embrace technology
15 May 2018

The development and humanitarian sectors have been slow to adopt new technologies. Panelists at the 10th ICT4D Conference in Zambia discussed strategies for changing that trend.