Sophie Cousins


Sophie Cousins a Devex Contributor based in South Asia. She is a health journalist focused on women and girls. She was previously based between Lebanon and Iraq, focusing on refugee health and conflict. She writes for international medical journals, including The Lancet, and for international news websites such as the Guardian.

Latest Articles

In India, little protection for a preventable cancer
20 Feb 2018

More women die of cervical cancer in India than anywhere else in the world. Why are organizations struggling to garner resources and support to combat this disease?

Digital patient tracking aims to tackle TB crisis in Southern Africa
27 Oct 2017

Migrant mine workers and their communities have the world's highest rates of tuberculosis. A new digital system aims to help patients receive consistent care across borders.

New zoonotic TB road map sets intentionally ambitious targets
23 Oct 2017

A new roadmap for fighting the disease — which humans contract from sick animals, meat, and dairy products — spells out goals aimed at catalyzing political energy and attention in a fight that is lagging behind.

Q&A: Global TB efforts turn to innovative finance
18 Oct 2017

Seeking new funding for the fight against tuberculosis, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease last week announced a partnership to spur new private sector investment.

Advocates to seek TB funding targets at 2018 high-level meeting
18 Oct 2017

Tuberculosis experts and advocates are setting ambitious goals for the first U.N. high-level meeting on the disease, to be held next year.

New Rotavirus vaccine shows India's growing drug development promise
17 Oct 2017

A new vaccine developed by the Serum Institute in India has been shown to be more effective than existing options and can survive in high temperature environments. The promising breakthrough demonstrates India's growing role in both drug production and, increasingly, development.

3 innovations that could transform TB diagnosis and care
16 Oct 2017

Meeting global targets to reduce tuberculosis will require new tools and technologies. Here are three innovations that stand to revolutionize the way diagnosis, treatment, and delivery are done.

Advocates seek noncommunicable disease funding mechanisms
11 Oct 2017

Next year's U.N. high-level meeting on NCDs could be a pivotal moment to talk about funding the fight against these chronic conditions. Mobilizing domestic resources will be vital to meeting global targets, experts and officials told Devex.

India rolls out new TB diagnosis aimed at catching child cases
25 Sep 2017

A recent Lancet study found that the global burden of tuberculosis among children is far higher than previously thought. Many of these children are never diagnosed or treated — something that India is hoping to change by introducing a new diagnostic technology as a front-line defense.

SDG indicators shape maternal health interventions. Is it for the best?
3 Aug 2017

Efforts to reduce maternal mortality in places such as Afghanistan have focused on ensuring a skilled birth attendant is present for each live birth. Experts now fear that emphasis could be sidelining other key objectives — and perhaps even derailing progress.