Sophie Edwards


Sophie Edwards is a reporter for Devex based out of Washington D.C. and London where she covers global development news, careers and lifestyle issues. She has previously worked for NGOs, the World Bank and spent a number of years as a journalist for a regional newspaper in the U.K. She has an MA from the Institute of Development Studies and a BA from Cambridge University.

Latest Articles

UN staff have mixed response after World Food Programme tells staff not to participate in women's marches
20 Jan 2017

U.N. employees have mixed reactions to a missive from the World Food Programme to its staff advising them not to take part in the Women's March, or any related marches, this Saturday, saying it contravenes their code of conduct.

4 ways companies can attract millennials, 'Generation Z' employees
17 Jan 2017

CEOs and hiring managers need to emphasize their company's social mission if they want to attract younger talent. Andy Last, author of "Business on a Mission," offers four tips to help companies make the shift.

The G77 will push for 'tax justice' through a UN tax body, says Ecuador's foreign affairs minister
13 Jan 2017

Ecuador pledges to revive efforts for a U.N. tax body to reform global tax regulations and crack down on offshore tax havens, as it assumes chairmanship of the Group of 77.

Trump's fiscal policies to have major implications for developing economies — World Bank
11 Jan 2017

The World Bank's latest economic forecast predicts modest growth for the global economy in 2017 but says this could go up, or down, depending in large part on President-elect Donald Trump's plans for the U.S. economy.

X-Factor style accountability contest boosts integrity among government officials
10 Jan 2017

An extraordinary program aimed at reducing government corruption in developing countries by pitching officials against one another in an X-Factor style talent show, is proving to be a big hit with the public. Devex spoke to the project's creator, Blair Glencorse, to find out more about the concept and the lessons learned for other accountability approaches.

4 major trends digital health needs to embrace in 2017 and beyond
9 Jan 2017

Digital health will only succeed if it can embrace four major trends affecting health care provision in developing countries, including the changing roles of patients and health workers, systems thinking, and integration, according to Marc Mitchell, president of D-tree International.

Classroom inventions that help save lives
4 Jan 2017

Students at Duke and University of California Berkeley have developed lifesaving medical inventions, including a pouch that looks like a ketchup packet but actually stores antiretrovirals without refrigeration and a way to convert smartphones to microscopes so health care workers can diagnose diseases without traveling to a clinic.

Sexual violence against female aid workers: How organizations can tackle it
4 Jan 2017

Megan Nobert, who was raped while working in South Sudan, explains the endemic problem of sexual harassment and violence against female staff within the aid community, and outlines what organizations should be doing to tackle the problem.

Lagarde's negligence a 'footnote,' but the IMF still needs reform
22 Dec 2016

Christine Lagarde will retain her post at the International Monetary Fund despite being convicted of negligence by a special French court. But the incident could push forward leadership and other reform at the institution, experts tell Devex.

UN chief warns of dire consequences if climate change commitments broken
19 Dec 2016

In his final weeks in office, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has warned against backsliding on climate change goals amid fears a Trump administration could withdraw the U.S. from last year's Paris agreement.