Sophie Edwards


Sophie Edwards is a reporter for Devex based out of Washington D.C. and London where she covers global development news, careers and lifestyle issues. She has previously worked for NGOs, the World Bank and spent a number of years as a journalist for a regional newspaper in the U.K. She has an MA from the Institute of Development Studies and a BA from Cambridge University.

Latest Articles

DfID minister announces a challenge fund for small charities and calls UK a 'global leader' in development
21 Mar 2017

U.K. Secretary of State for International Development Priti Patel allayed some fears within the sector when she unveiled new efforts to support small British NGOs during a speech at the annual Bond conference. She praised the country as a "global leader" in international development and vowed to maintain that position.

Are businesses really cutting deforestation from their supply chains?
21 Mar 2017

Many companies have made ambitious pledges to delink their supply chains from deforestation, but recent reports reveal the majority are failing to meet their commitments. Forest experts and private sector leaders discuss five challenges that are making it difficult for companies to deliver on their promises.

Trump's international climate budget: 'We're not spending money on that anymore'
17 Mar 2017

President Donald Trump took direct aim at international climate change programs in his budget outline released on Thursday. Where do U.S. efforts to build climate resilience go from here?

IFC still failing to track impact of investments on local communities, reports say
17 Mar 2017

Two new reports, one of which is by the IFC's own watchdog, have criticized the World Bank's private sector lending arm for negating its duty to make sure the high risk investments it makes to intermediaries are not causing environmental and social damage to communities further down the financing line.

Trump's 'America first' budget slashes foreign aid, multilateral funding
16 Mar 2017

The budget proposal hits the State Department and USAID with budget cuts of 28 percent. It also promises to cut funding levels to the United Nations, World Bank and other major multilateral development banks. Backing for climate change programs are hit, while PEPFAR and Israel maintain funding levels.

Momentum grows to tackle $1 trillion worth of food wasted each year
15 Mar 2017

One-third of all food grown globally is wasted. Devex spoke to experts about new initiatives to tackle post-harvest loss, and the key challenges that remain.

Power with Purpose: How to foster female leadership in the development sector
15 Mar 2017

Devex President Raj Kumar and McKinsey associate partner Tracy Nowski discuss how to foster female leadership in the nonprofit sector.

4 smart innovations to make cities more resilient
13 Mar 2017

Cities need to be resilient if they are to protect the world's growing urban population from disaster and damage. Engineers from the U.S.-based CTL Group explain how new technologies can help.

Q&A: Senator Shaheen on her fight to repeal the 'global gag rule' permanently
13 Mar 2017

The Democratic senator hoping to permanently revoke the "global gag rule" talks to Devex about her plans and what those who oppose the policy can do to safeguard family planning services.

Layoffs trickle in as industry braces for budget cuts
9 Mar 2017

A string of recent downsizing and restructuring announcements from the development community point to anxiety among NGOs and contractors about the future of the U.S. foreign aid budget — intensified after leaks revealed the Trump administration is looking to shave off 37 percent. Devex talks to experts and some of the NGOs already tightening their belts to find out more.