Sophie Edwards


Sophie Edwards is a reporter for Devex based out of Washington D.C. and London where she covers global development news, careers and lifestyle issues. She has previously worked for NGOs, the World Bank and spent a number of years as a journalist for a regional newspaper in the U.K. She has an MA from the Institute of Development Studies and a BA from Cambridge University.

Latest Articles

How strong gender strategies can benefit companies — IFC report
23 May 2017

The International Finance Corporation looks at nine case studies drawn from client firms that have introduced gender strategies across their value chains, including designing banking products for women, combating gender-based violence, taking lessons from female entrepreneurs and hiring women into nontraditional roles.

Help protect our land from Brazilian government, asks tribal leader
19 May 2017

Chief Tashka Yawanawa of the Yawanawa tribe in western Brazil has said the international community needs to put pressure on the country's government to prevent indigenous ancestral lands, most of which are in the Amazon rainforest, from being sold off for cattle or farming, depriving tribes of their homes and livelihoods and also depleting the world's biggest natural carbon sink.

New drug industry alliance will tackle antibiotic resistance
19 May 2017

A new industry alliance has been formed to accelerate progress towards curbing the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance which could see millions of people dying from common infections.

Plans for major family planning summit take shape in Europe as US cuts back
17 May 2017

Work is underway for a second major reproductive health summit in London, United Kingdom, as the international community braces itself for the knock-on effects of the United States cuts to family planning services.

A year into the job, Philippe Le Houérou's vision for IFC 3.0 takes shape
17 May 2017

The chief executive officer of the International Finance Corporation, the World Bank's private sector arm, talks exclusively to Devex about his strategy for the organization's future — and how his childhood in revolutionary Ethiopia has shaped his work.

Why include men and boys in the fight for gender equality?
15 May 2017

There is a growing understanding among development groups that empowering women also means working with men and boys to change social attitudes — but these programs still face some resistance. Devex spoke to gender experts to find out more.

Beyond the boardroom: 5 tips for improving gender equality across the value chain
8 May 2017

The business case for gender equality in the office is now well-established — but the benefits of pursuing equality across the value chain are less frequently articulated. Devex speaks to the International Center for Research on Women's new advisory service about how organizations of all kinds can enhance their work with women throughout their operations.

Cultural barriers need to be challenged to close the gender digital divide
8 May 2017

Cultural and social norms are one of the most significant, yet largely ignored, barriers preventing women and girls accessing mobile phones and the internet. In some cases they have even resulted in death and rape. Devex spoke to gender tech experts to see what can be done to challenge these powerful forces.

Q&A: Julia Gillard on raising funds for the Global Partnership for Education
3 May 2017

Former prime minister of Australia and current chair of the Global Education Partnership, Julia Gillard talks to Devex about why she thinks the United Kingdom will keep funding education, efforts to raise new billions, and the importance of country-led models.

Endowments: Why your charity needs one and how to get one
1 May 2017

Endowments can offer charities a stable, long-term income and a boost to donor confidence, but they are often misunderstood. Ben Morton Wright, president of Global Philanthropic, explains.