Toby Porter


Toby Porter worked in the U.K. and Indian development and humanitarian NGO sector between 1993 and September 2016. He writes here in a personal capacity.

Latest Articles

Opinion: Taking back control? UK reviews support to CSOs
9 Nov 2016

Almost two and a half years after Priti Patel called for an assessment of "irrelevant" organizations such as Oxfam, she has released such a review as head of the U.K. Department of International Development. Toby Porter, a veteran of U.K. charities, says the new DfID leader can do more to build trust.

Can we future-proof our NGOs?
15 Jan 2016

Do international NGO's need their own country programs? It is time to revisit whether the business model that underpins NGO operations is suitable for the future, writes Toby Porter, chief executive of HelpAge International, in this guest column.

Older people also deserve to not be 'left behind'
8 Oct 2014

Despite the unprecedented rate of global population aging in many low-income countries, older people remain largely ignored in the discussions over the post-2015 development agenda. A guest blog post by HelpAge International CEO Toby Porter.