Vince Chadwick


Vince Chadwick is the Brussels Correspondent for Devex. He covers the EU institutions, member states, and European civil society. A law graduate from Melbourne, Australia, he was social affairs reporter for The Age newspaper, before moving to Europe in 2013. He covered breaking news, the arts and public policy across the continent, including as a reporter and editor at POLITICO Europe.

Latest Articles

Should your NGO hire a data scientist?
17 Jan 2018

NGOs are increasingly using and creating data to report to donors and improve their work — but when is the time right to hire a dedicated data scientist?

Can the EU revive a troubled scheme against conflict diamonds?
12 Jan 2018

The European Union has begun its year-long chairmanship of the global effort against conflict diamonds, pledging to focus on "effectiveness" and "dialogue." But observers say the Kimberley Process risks becoming a "farce," as expert NGOs leave in frustration after years of failed attempts at reform.

EU looks ahead to 2018 as budget negotiations loom
4 Jan 2018

The European Union faces vital policy issues in 2018, from tying aid to migration, to stimulating private sector investment in Africa, to forging a new relationship with African, Caribbean and Pacific nations. But amid the strategy debates, one key issue looms over all else: Negotiations over the EU’s next seven-year budget.

How to use LinkedIn for fundraising
2 Jan 2018

A social networking site that is often overlooked by charities and NGOs, Devex speaks to fundraising consultant Eelco Keij about how organizations can use LinkedIn to reach potential donors.

EU to invest in military capacity for development work
19 Dec 2017

A revision to a European Union funding instrument allows the bloc to fund nonlethal support for foreign militaries for the first time, in a move intended to create the "missing link" between security and development — tapping into a long-standing debate about the boundary between the two.

What you need to know about the One Planet climate summit
14 Dec 2017

Political leaders, billionaire philanthropists, and celebrities gathered in Paris on Tuesday with the aim of finding the hundreds of billions of dollars that are needed to fulfill the Paris Agreement on climate change. Devex reports on the key announcements and takeaways.

EU and Gates put up $600M for food security in face of climate change
13 Dec 2017

A joint initiative by the European Union and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will see new funding for research and innovations to help smallholder farmers who face deteriorating growing conditions due to climate change.

Banks to incentivize sustainable supply chains under DFID-backed pilot
12 Dec 2017

A year-long pilot announced on Tuesday will see three banks offer more favorable lending terms to Unilever and Sainsbury's according to the sustainability of the supply chains linking them with 10,000 tea farmers in Malawi. It is part of a project to explore how financial technology could be used to tackle environmental and social problems.

World Bank to quit upstream oil and gas projects after 2019
12 Dec 2017

The World Bank will no longer finance upstream oil and gas projects after 2019, it announced on Tuesday, with civil society organizations celebrating a move they had been calling on for decades.

Webinar: How NGOs can engage with the European Fund for Sustainable Development
7 Dec 2017

The new European Fund for Sustainable Development aims to boost private investment in Africa and the European neighborhood — but NGOs have a role to play in shaping its investments and ensuring its success, as officials from EuropeAid and the European Investment Bank told Devex during a webinar last week.