Burnout: What I experienced so you don't have to

With so much to do and so little time, how do you recognize the warning signs of burnout? Photo by: AlisaRyan / CC BY-NC-ND 

In a world where there’s so much need and so much to be done, burnout seems inevitable.

Based on my personal journey overcoming burnout and my experience supporting others in doing the same, I’ve seen that burnout is something we can pull back from as well as prevent. The critical part is identifying the burnout “red flags” so that we can take action and get support.

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About the author

  • Catarina

    Catarina Andrade

    Catarina is a transformational leadership & wellness coach that helps changemakers who feel overwhelmed when it comes to balancing their purpose-driven work with their personal health and happiness. She supports them to create more time and energy to get it all done with less stress and burnout, so they can feel inspired, do good sustainably, and increase their impact.