Chief Technology Officer

      I am a business professional with more than 10 years of experience in services at Executive Management level, as well as 5 years previously in the Regional Team Leader design, architecture, management, research, and development position, with numerous examples of the ability to adapt, learn, invent, motivate and excel in a self-directed, collaborative and professional manner. I combine very strong customer ( Vendors & Operators) and Enterprise Storage and a sense to apply this technology to the business.

      To use my experience and abilities as a senior executive to insure the correct execution of the strategy as defined by the board as well as the objectives and budget defined in the strategic plan.

      To use my business, market and technical skills to increase create and promote existing services or to significantly improve existing works. I am interested in working on projects that have the potential to create a significant impact upon their users while also being financially viable and rewarding. My approach is to be a team leader, to specialize when I need to excel and to solve problems in a balanced way taking into account correctness, simplicity, time, and efficiency. Customer loyalty is my main focus, and I know how to excel on Customer satisfaction, leading from the front, by managing my own team performance and always overachieving financial targets.