Climate change effects and global job opportunities!

    Climate change effects are global scale since it is induced by the warming of the planet’s atmosphere. The change of climate in global scale is reflected with the increasing global temperature, sea level rising, alarming forest fire spreading, and drying of surface and depletion of ground water reservoirs. The life style around the world has been affected by the change in climate and this has increased the urgency in some communities to adapt new technologies to mitigate the climate change effects.

    The different sectors in society has affected positively and also negatively due to this climate change effects. The agriculture, natural resources, health and industrial production has been adeversely affected, while the real estate, job sectors and other consulting services has been benefitted by the climate change effects. The decreased rain fall, and depleting natural resources has been adversely affected the agriculture and naturaal resource management systems. The health sector has been affected by the increased emergence of new viral deseases such swine flu, gendue, fever, etc. The non-availability of adequate medicines for controlling these new strains of viruses have made panic and stress on public and health workers and expert medical practitioners. The Industrial production in various sectors are affected by the increased demand of the organic products rather than synthetic products, especially in the chemical fertilisers and the non-usability felt by the farmers and their switching over to organic fertilisers. The power sectors have faced more stress due to low and erratic rainfall in Asia and Africa where the prime source of power comes from hydroelectric systems.

    The considerable benefits out of climate change effects have been utilised by the real estate, job markets on green areas and climate change adaptation and mitigation related consulting services. The real estate business have thrived with the new demand of green buildings and green industrial set-up recommended by the local and state government in many of the developed and the developing countries. The jobs in sustainability, environmental management sectors have increased ten-fold due to the new demands of the global community to have greean buildings, emmission reduction strategy supports, etc. to reduce the climate change effects. The consulting services in climate change adptation and mitigation services internationally have increased to many fold providing project services and supports for the consulting projects from Clean Mechanism Development (CDM), the market instrument under Kyoto Protocol.