Co-developer Invitation

      Along the lines that have been discussed at the portal on the recently published Knowledge for Poverty Alleviation (KPA) framework  and its development , I am currently setting up a wiki to kick-off collective programme management giving due consideration to value and risk drivers of ALL involved in development.

      Scaling up of the effort will be governed by a Convention on Knowledge Commons (CKC) that will recruit a broad community of practitioners that:

      • + launch constituency/situation-specific dashboard-like nodes (d-cells) supporting ''Collective Regulative Bundle''  (with a regulative cycle per actor, see: regulative cycle methodology ) for illustration, of what must be scaled ubiquitously, see: doing business 2010

      • + deploy the d-cells (wiki-like) and d-rings (web-rings) in joint (and individual) inititiatives and

      • + thus cumulatively and collaboratively grow a platform for communications, coherent joint decision and action in vastly heterogeneous situations, where situations have a global to local scale, and/or an operational to strategic horizon.

      Currently I am looking for co-developers and "first-mile" users, growers and testers, with a bit of wiki-savvy. 

      Needed also are experts for drafting the Convention on Knowledge Commons, as well as content conversion editors.

      In their motivation to join, candidates should include  (a reference to) their profile -linkedin or devex are fine- and indicate:

      • + the time available (initially, during 2009) for which tasks, at which costs,  with which funding;

      • + their willingness and capability to become node or ring administrators (for a country, language, sector, community, village, etc),

      • + their anticipated relation to the CKC: as a DONOR (of knowledge or funding, global to local, public or private sector, charity, supporter) indicating what could be contributed, or EARNER (local government, ngo, corporate, self employed, learner) indicating what is expected.

      For drafting the CKC we will have to consider:

      • + the ""livelihood" requirements from a broad range of stakeholders, smallholders in particular;

      • + the characteristics of (public) knowledge as a global public good (see in this context the analysis of the International Task Force on Global Public Goods, full report , chapters on knowledge, expert papers

      • + the characteristics of the technology platform (mobile web), its architecture and utility (see for instance web2fordev )

      Further details at:

      Send brief motivations with full contact details to: