Devex explores EuropeAid's funding priorities in Latin America and Eastern Europe

By Matthew Wolf, Arnau Rovira 05 June 2017

Click here to view the new Devex interactive visualization of EuropeAID's funding priorities in Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Over the past weeks, Devex has embarked on an exclusive exploration of EuropeAid funding priorities, analyzing operational documents released between January 2016 and April 2017, to show where billions of euros worth of aid is being directed, for what projects, and how.

We started with Africa, the region allocated the most money during this period, at 2.7 billion euros ($3.03 billion). More than half of this has been channeled through the European Union Trust Fund for Africa, with migration as a key priority across the funding streams. We also found that most of the projects are being indirectly managed, typically by national aid agencies. Read more here.

In Asia, we saw that that 1.4 billion euros ($1.57 billion) worth of aid was being spent almost entirely through the Development Cooperation Instrument, or DCI, with a particular focus on energy. We also took a special look at Afghanistan, the single biggest recipient of EuropeAid funding during this time period. Read more here.

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About the authors

Matthew Wolf

Matthew Wolf works with Devex's Development Data team in Barcelona, helping improve our coverage of and insight into development work and funding around the world. He draws on work experience with Thomson Reuters in Africa, MENA and Latin America, where he helped uncover, pursue and win opportunities with local governments and donor agencies. He is interested in data-driven solutions to development challenges.

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Arnau RoviraARoviraMuntada

Arnau Rovira is part of the Devex's Development Data team in Barcelona where he works on analyzing and understanding donor and country priorities through the use of data. He previously worked as business intelligence analyst at Scytl, worldwide leader on electoral voting solutions. In his interest to the international and electoral affairs he became electoral observer. Until now, he has been deployed in Uruguay, Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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