DfID Reviews Development Program in Nigeria

    The U.K. Department for International Development’s new ministers will continue reviewing all multilateral and bilateral spending programs until September this year and will be working to implement new ministerial policies, an official told Devex.

    He said that with this transition period, it is difficult to set out plans for DfID’s development program in Nigeria with certainty.

    Current programs in Nigeria are focused on human development, governance and economic growth. Part of DfID’s human development efforts includes support to the health sector through health systems programsservice delivery and HIV/AIDS.

    The agency’s governance support involves a policy development facility program and a flagship State Partnership for Accountability, Responsiveness and Capability program.

    The official added that about 60 percent of DfID’s resources are spent at the state level. Programs are generally in the form of technical assistance, but some grants are also extended to non-governmental organization and awards contracts to consulting firms.

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