Economic Asssessments as part of disaster response

      I haven't posted awhile to this blog and it's been largely due to my own travel schedule! I have found that it's better to be busy.

       In any event, I wanted to float the idea that seems to get some push back during the current crisis in Haiti that economic assessments at a time like this are somehow inappropriate.

      My perspective and experience is that an emergency market assessment is critical now in the aftermath of a disaster in order to do as former US president Bill Clinton suggested in a recent email to "build back better" than before.

       How do you ensure that economic development, ie. restarting livelihoods occurs with a solid, sustainable foundation if a proper needs assessment is carried out to ask the victims of this tragedy what they need?

       As many of us can attest, the populations afflicted by crisis are on the ground and asking what and where they will find the resources to support themselves and their families. Thoughts are welcome.