Prominent Egyptian opposition figure Ayman Nour said Nov. 4 that the Egyptian government was preventing him from traveling to the United States, calling the decision "unjustified."Speaking from his office in downtown Cairo, Nour, who was imprisoned for three years shortly after he ran against Egyptian President Hosny Mubarak in the 2005 elections, told reporters that Egypt's General Prosecutor Abdel-Magid Mahmoud had informed him that he could not travel to the US on November 6, as he had hoped to do. Nour wanted to take part in a conference on "the future of Egypt" organized by the Coalition of Egyptian Organizations in the United States, among other events. Mubarak's son, Gamal, whose 2002 appointment to the head of the ruling National Democratic Party's influential policies secretariat sparked speculation that he was being groomed for the presidency, was scheduled to attend the conference, Nour said. (DPA)

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