How can training farmers help nourish people and end hunger? Cargill Vice President Ruth Rawling tells Devex how increasing farmers’ wages and providing tools enables them to work more sustainably.

Higher earnings for young farmers could incentivize them to stay on the land and keep feeding the world.

As more and more people move into city centers, innovators such as Ruth Rawling are working to help keep farmers on their land, producing food. Rawling, vice president at Cargill, told Devex President and Editor-in-Chief Raj Kumar that raising the income of farmers is key to encouraging the next generation to stay on their farms. Without farmers, she said, food security will continue to be a problem.

Through training programs and partnerships, Cargill trains farmers across the globe how to be more efficient while using sustainable practices, said Rawling on the sidelines of Devex World. — announcing a multimillion dollar partnership with The Nature Conservancy and other organizations to help continue these programs.

Watch the clip above for more details on how Cargill is working in this sector.

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