EU to give Jordan USD44 million

The European Union promised USD44 million to help Jordan fight poverty and jumpstart development in impoverished areas. Jordan’s King Abdullah welcomed the agreement, saying that it was proof that the country was “a step closer to bringing hope to [Jordanian] young people.” E.U. president Jose Manuel Barroso said that the bloc made the move in recognition of Jordan’s role in the region. “Jordan deserves our support because of the role the Kingdom has been playing,” Barroso said. A statement by the commission said that the money will be channeled into local development initiatives, improving living conditions for Jordanians, and “will also assist in enhancing institutional capacities and empowering local authorities in managing development processes and delivering social and economic services,” among others. (Source: The European Union on Thursday granted Jordan 30 million euros to help the Kingdom alleviate poverty and develop underprivileged areas/The Jordan Times)

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