Future Innovation or Momentary Limelight?

By Abby Flottemesch, development & engagement director for Atlas Corps

What’s the goal of the 40 Under 40 International Development Leaders DC list? Will it set a precedent for future innovation in international development or is it just an opportunity to provide a momentary place in the spotlight for a select few. Tam Nguyen, Chevron, and Raj Kumar, Devex, shared their inspiration on this new, and not solely funding-based, partnership:

  • - See business as a solution to critical problems in the world. This recognition furthers the concept of bringing nontraditional partners together at the same table and aligning interests.

  • - Value having smart and interventions with impact.

  • - Capture essence of our globalized world and acknowledge the innovation that has come to the sector.

The future of this initiative is to expand its reach nationally and internationally. Both Nguyen and Kumar acknowledged their intentions to expand this initiative and to recognize the outstanding leaders that dedicate their professional and personal efforts daily to address the worlds most critical issues. With hundreds of applicants and limited knowledge of the screening process in this first round of the initiative, time will tell how representative and comprehensive is the list.

Some thoughts to ponder: Will the list promote innovation and improvements in international development? Will the list inspire these leaders and their networks to be more efficient and effective with their work? Will the list establish a model to promote such initiatives in the international sector?

As we await the list, we also await the results. Your feedback is encouraged! Is it innovation or a stop through the spotlight?

Re-published with permission by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce BCSC. Visit the original article.

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