Georg Schulze Zumkley: UN Needs Reform to Achieve Core Mission

    The trans-Atlantic community should step its game and cooperate toward defining and influencing the mission and work of the U.N., a German policy expert suggests.

    European countries and the North Atlantic community are well-positioned to help the U.N. accomplish its core mission, given these countries’ soft and military power, Georg Schulze Zumkley writes in

    Zumkley is a speechwriter and an adviser to the spokesman of the German Christian Democratic Union of Germany and Christian Social Union, or CDU/CSU.

    But Zumkely also highlights the importance of implementing key reforms within the U.N. to better reflect the present realities.

    “The UN’s mission is our common mission. That is why the UN must seriously take up the question of reform. The most effective way to begin to do so is to examine the composition of the Security Council itself. It is time to make countries that contribute and shape the world we share bigger stakeholders in the common mission,” he writes, referring to countries such as Japan, Brazil, South Africa, India and Germany.

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