Global Fund targets USD12 billion by 2012

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is hoping to gather USD12 billion by 2012. “The money we are mobilizing will help us mitigate the effects of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria especially in the worst affected countries,” stressed Gupta. He believes the goal is attainable, citing the USD100 million that the organization raised over the past 18 months. Gupta is holding talks with president Levy Mwanawasa in Zambia, one of the hardest hit countries in the region, with 12 million of its population diagnosed with HIV, and 300,000 in dire need of medication. “The HIV prevalence in Zambia is unacceptably high and continues to be a source of grave concern. The AIDS situation in Zambia is further compounded by co-epidemics of tuberculosis and malaria,” Mwanawasa said.

Source: Global fund seeks USD12 bln to fight AIDS, TB (Reuters)

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