GSK's Allan Pamba on challenges faced in private sector-NGO partnerships

The private sector is increasingly becoming involved in development, and changing its role as an emerging donor from mere philanthropists to becoming full partners with implementers like NGOs.

According to Dr. Allan Pamba, director for public engagement and access initiatives at GlaxoSmithKline, the key is to change the perception that the private sector will just dole out the money, step back and walk away.

“We want to think through the solutions with you, we want to do the job with you, we want to celebrate the success together with you,” said Pamba during an interview with Devex at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.

He added that if both sides are able to bridge that gap, then donor and implementer can get mutual respect and recognition of each other’s strengths.

Pamba also stressed the importance of being the private sector’s business experience and discipline in project implementation, but coupled with NGO knowledge of the realities on the ground “to ensure that we we do really serves the people.”

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