How one organization is building their own talent pipeline

By Emma Smith 04 April 2017
A man working in the Norwegian Refugee Council in Juba, Southern Sudan. Photo by: Stein Ove Korneliussen / CC BY

While global development is constantly demanding highly skilled and experienced professionals, organizations working in the sector are often pushed for time and resources when it comes to finding and training new talent. The Norwegian Refugee Council, however, is taking a new approach to hiring, and it is one that could build their organizational capacity while offering new career pathways to professionals interested in working with them.

The recently launched initiative will involve the NRC hiring several candidates as part of a 12-month trainee program that will combine classroom learning, mentoring and on-the-job experience. The organization has implemented similar initiatives in the past, and the idea was a “result of struggling with recruiting the right staff in a timely manner,” said Anneli Lyster, special advisor on workforce planning and recruitment.

“We recognize now that we need to develop talent from within,” says Lyster. Doing so can help people who want to join the humanitarian sector but don’t have previous experience by giving them the opportunity to break in.

“We have tried to be very open, open to any kind of nationality, there is no age limit and we try to bring people from different sectors that really are motivated to join the humanitarian sector and have a career with us,” added Lyster.