How to decide between multiple job offers

Here are tips for making a decision between multiple job offers. Photo by: edar

If you find yourself in the fortunate position where you have to decide between multiple job offers, don’t get too hung up on salary and job titles. Instead, think about the longer term impacts of the role that are likely to result in a happier and more fulfilling career.

When weighing your options, here are a few things to consider.

Is the organization a good fit for you?

Consider the type of work the organization is focusing on and if you share its vision and values. Most people don’t go into development for the money, but rather because of their desire to help people, explained Tom LeaMond, a management professional with experience in career guidance and professional development. In global development, an organization’s mission is very important in motivating staff, so “do your research and figure out who you want to work for,” he advises.

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Think about which areas you might want to specialize in, says Amy Mulcahy, a global development consultant. She explained that while some organizations work on long-term development, others focus specifically on advocacy, or working in emergencies. If you have a strong interest in a particular area of work, some organizations will be a better fit.

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