How to facilitate government collaboration for SDG success

Mario Pezzini, director of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Development Center talks to Devex about how knowledge-sharing platforms can help achieve the sustainable development goals.

As the international community inches closer to finalizing the sustainable development goals this September in New York, many public officials and global development professionals are eager to establish a plan of implementation.

Moving beyond “what” should be achieved in the next 15 years and getting to “how” to do it will involve the collaboration of government officials around the world, each willing to bring their experience and expertise to bear for a global agenda.

But will it be possible for governments and development actors to find the chemistry required for effective collaboration?

Devex spoke with Mario Pezzini, director of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Development Center on the sidelines of the OECD Global Forum on Development in Paris, France, last month about the tools required to implement the SDGs and the challenges on the horizon.

For Pezzini, knowledge-sharing platforms for policymakers to dialogue and develop common strategies will be essential to achieving the SDGs. And understanding that each country has unique contexts and challenges will allow for more targeted interventions.

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