Infrastructure Projects in Croatia

The World Bank has several infrastructure projects in the pipeline for Croatia, particularly for the power and transport sectors. Over US$200 million will be allocated for railway, port development and energy generation projects.

In a Devex interview, Senior Energy Specialist Peter Johansen said that the financial crisis is putting pressure on bank resources, as various sectors are competing for limited funding. In its country partnership strategy, the bank committed a fairly large envelope for Croatia with more than US$300 million per year, a large chunk of which has been earmarked for infrastructure development.

The strategy, however, was formulated in 2008 and recent developments may bring some changes to the amounts and areas of assistance that World Bank has previously committed to work on.

Aside from infrastructure initiatives, climate adaptation, environmental protection, and education projects have been set to receive financing in the bank strategy.

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  • Mara Yasmin Baviera

    Mara Baviera is a young researcher working in the Early Intelligence Team in Devex. Before joining the organization, she worked as a research assistant in various projects on human security, decision-making and economic development in the Philippines and trade negotiations. Her areas of interest include political economy, trade and development.