Interactive: What can we tell from the World Bank pipeline data?

By Matthew Wolf 27 July 2017
Click here to view the new Devex interactive visualization of World Bank's project pipeline data.

Over the past months, the Devex team has been monitoring and analyzing the World Bank’s Monthly Operational Summary, or MOS reports. These documents offer insight into the bank’s early project cycle, and hint at its future funding priorities — allowing Devex to highlight changes and trends over time.

Since our first analysis in March, we have continued to monitor the World Bank pipeline each month, capturing information in our Funding Activity Feed — Devex’s tool to help development professionals monitor early-stage funding commitments and happenings.

Here, we walk through the notable changes and trends we’ve seen in the World Bank’s pipeline data during that time. Members can also do their own analysis using our interactive visualization of the data, which you can now filter month by month. Let’s dig in.

How to plan using World Bank project status updates

A project’s progression is tracked in the World Bank pipeline through various status updates. Business developers can watch as projects enter and exit the World Bank’s MOS to understand its short and long-term funding priorities, and to prepare accordingly.