Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in his testimony at the Turkel Commission, justified the flotilla attack, saying the raid in Gaza complied with international law. The commission, a five-member panel appointed by Netanyahu, seeks to assess the legality of the raid. An independent review panel from the U.N. is expected to start another investigation on the Gaza incident later this week.

    Meanwhile, Israel slams a new U.S. travel advisory that singled out the Eilat bomb shelter in the precautionary advice, and not including Aqaba, Jordan. The warning came on the heels of a rocket attack Aug. 2 in Eilat and Aqaba. Israel’s Ministry of Tourism said the travel advisory undermines regional stability and negatively impacts Israel’s image abroad. Furthermore, Israel asserted that differentiating Eilat from Aqaba, where one person was actually killed, is improper and lacks balance, The Associated Press reports.

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