It's a win-win: Strategies for local USAID partner success

Devex’s Alan Robbins talks with USAID’s Zachary Pusch and Amy McQuade, and Save the Children’s Patrick Crump in this special webinar, titled “It’s a win-win: Strategies for local USAID partner success.”

The United States Agency for International Development continues to emphasize local solutions as crucial for the advancement of country ownership and sustainable development. That’s why the agency has developed a robust local solutions initiative for local organizations interested in partnering with USAID to follow.

Despite the established framework, prospective local partners are still trying to determine how to effectively partner with USAID as well as its implementing prime contractors and nongovernmental organizations.

During this one hour webinar moderated by Devex’s Global Head of Partnerships Alan Robbins, USAID’s Zachary Pusch and Amy McQuade aimed to demystify the USAID business development process by taking a fresh look at the USAID local solutions initiative and by discussing innovative approaches for local organizations to work with USAID. We also heard Patrick Crump of Save the Children elaborate on best practices for engaging in projects with prime implementers.

Our key takeaway for local organizations? Showcase your local expertise — previous experience contracting with USAID is not crucial for winning new business. What is crucial? Local context and local resources.

Click the link above to hear insights from the webinar and learn more about how to work with USAID here.

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  • Caitlin Jolly

    Caitlin Holliday is a former senior associate for programs and events at Devex. From organizing large happy-hour events to intimate round-table discussions, she enjoys bringing professionals together to exchange ideas, share resources, and make the right connections to help the development community do good and do it well. Caitlin previously worked for the Global Health Council where she coordinated policy events and developed a heart for maternal and child health.