Looking for a job in a different sector? Leverage these 5 development-specific skills

Oxfam staff assist at a food distribution in Mingkaman camp, South Sudan. Development professionals possess extremely marketable skills, as long as they know how to market them to a potential employer. Photo by: Pablo Tosco / Oxfam / CC BY-NC-ND

Global development work can take you all over the globe. But what if you find yourself suddenly in a place where you can’t find any relevant work? This is particularly a challenge for dual career couples when a spouse’s job may mean relocating to a place with few viable employment opportunities for the other. Even when located in a bustling development hub, competition in this sector can be fierce and opportunities are hard to come by.

Rather than face months of unemployment, some professionals are looking at how they can leverage their international development experience to find work in other sectors.

We talk a lot about how individuals from the private sector can make the transition to international development, but what if you want to do the reverse? The same basic advice applies: Focus on your transferable skills.

Here are five skills global development professionals can bring to other sectors and how to market them to a potential employer.

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This article was last updated on 14 November 2017

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