‘New JICA’ in Tanzania

Have there been any changes in planned projects, ongoing implementation, and budget allocations as a result of the

between the Japan International Cooperation Agency and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation last October 2008?

A representative at the JICA Tanzania office tells Devex Early Intelligence that it can now go beyond previous budget constraints and sector coverage. At present, the agency has the ability to implement cross border road and power projects. Aside from being able to cover bigger loans, the official stresses the importance of producing synergy effects. JICA has become an extraordinary donor agency in Tanzania by supporting a volunteer program and is now in the position to feedback reality on the ground to the policy level.

As it steps into fiscal 2009 in April, it is expected that Japan's official development assistance will scale up in Tanzania since it is one of the priorities in the region. Focus areas of support include agriculture, governance, and infrastructure.

JICA's operations and Tanzania are guided by the government's poverty reduction strategy for 2006-2010.

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