Nonprofit CVs: What you need to know

Applications for jobs in the nonprofit sector should strike that fine balance between business smarts and passion for a cause. Photo by: Antoine Remise

So you want to change the world by working for a non-governmental organization and you can’t exactly say you’ve ever been a “Sandalista,” or a Birkenstock-clad activist who spent college summers on reality tours to developing nations in solidarity with the poor and oppressed?

Is there any way to make your resume more “nonprofit-ish”? How do you show how your skills relate to important global causes and that you have the personality to segue from a corporate or government job?

About the author

  • Julienne Gage

    As a freelance journalist and broadcast news producer based in Miami and Washington, Julienne contributes regularly to Devex. Her graduate studies in anthropology and journalism included research on youth development in Latin America and immigration in Spain.