Nontraditional ways to support innovative development approaches

    Hewlett Packard’s Sara Agarwal speaks with Devex Impact’s Adva Saldinger about ways the foreign aid community can advance innovation.

    Governments and international development groups often struggle to keep up with the rapid pace of technological advances.

    In a video interview with Devex, Sara Agarwal, director of international finance organizations at Hewlett Packard, shared some ideas for foreign aid donors and their partners on how to support innovation.

    Watch the clip to learn more from Agarwal, co-author of the recent report “Getting Leapfrogging Right: Adapting the Latest Tech Trends to Developing Nations.”

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    • Adva Saldinger

      Adva Saldinger is an Associate Editor at Devex, where she covers the intersection of business and international development, as well as U.S. foreign aid policy. From partnerships to trade and social entrepreneurship to impact investing, Adva explores the role the private sector and private capital play in development. A journalist with more than 10 years of experience, she has worked at several newspapers in the U.S. and lived in both Ghana and South Africa.

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