Norway far from aid goal

    Norway’s total aid so far amounts to 0.89 percent of its gross national income, 0.11 off from its 2006 target of 1.0 percent. According to Statistics Norway, which made the estimates, the situation is a product of higher-than-expected oil revenues – NOK110 billion ($17.5 billion) – this year. Minister of International Development Erik Solheim said: “We earn inconceivable amounts of money on the suffering of others. While we earn, most other countries are losing corresponding amounts. It is impossible for us to justify this low share to the rest of the world.” Solheim promised that “the percentage shall rise.” An additional NOK2.2 billion ($350.7 million) is needed to meet the aid goal of 1.0 percent, which is 0.3 percent higher than the U.N. recommendation. (Source: Norway further from aid target/ Aftenposten English Web Desk-NTB)

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