Norway Offers Reconstruction Aid for Ivory Coast

Norway has pledged 30 million Norwegian kroner ($5.6 million) to support reconstruction and reconciliation efforts in Ivory Coast.

With the pledge, Norway’s aid in response to the political crisis in Ivory Coast now totals 100 million Norwegian kroner.

Last week, Norwegian Minister of the Environment and International Development Erik Solheim visited Ivory Coast to help advance stabilization efforts in the African country, which was rocked by months of post-presidential election violence.

“It is terrible to see the destruction and suffering that has been caused by the conflict. On the other hand, the outcome could have been a lot worse. It is a step forward that the elected President, Allasane Ouattara, is now in power, but he has an immense task ahead of him. Militias need to be disarmed, and the rule of law must be re-established. It is important that he facilitates reconciliation,” Solheim said in a June 3 news release.

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