PayPal on financial inclusion

By Adva Saldinger 28 March 2016

Sean Milliken, PayPal’s head of global social innovation. Via Devex Youtube channel.

PayPal, the online payment company, is partnering with global development organizations to help support entrepreneurs and improve remittance flows.

The company defines its mission more broadly as “creating financially healthy citizens” and as a result works on issues from access to finance to financial participation and inclusion, said Sean Milliken, PayPal’s head of global social innovation.

Watch the video above to find out how Paypal is partnering with nongovernmental organizations read our recent article for more insight into how to pitch a partnership to a technology company.

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As a Devex Impact associate editor, Adva leads coverage of the intersection of business and international development. From partnerships to trade and social entrepreneurship to impact investing, she enjoys exploring the role the private sector and private capital play in development. Previously, she has worked as a reporter at newspapers in both the U.S. and South Africa. Most recently, she has been ghostwriting a memoir for a former child slave and NGO founder in Ghana.

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