Peter Singer asks: Is this the most good you can do?

By Michael Igoe 20 January 2016

Philosopher Peter Singer describes how direct cash transfers could serve as an effectiveness benchmark.

World renowned moral philosopher Peter Singer wants you to think harder about the good that you are — or could be — doing.

In his most recent book, “The Most Good You Can Do,” Singer explores what it means to put effectiveness first — and his conclusions lead him places that challenge conventional assumptions inside the international development community.

Who should work in development, and who should try to earn as much money as possible in order to give most of it away? Devex spoke with Singer in our Washington, D.C., studio to crack some of the ethical dilemmas development professionals face in their quest to do good and do it well.

Philosopher Peter Singer discusses who should work in development and who should consider other options.

To watch the full interview with Singer, click on the video below:

Devex interviews Peter Singer, moral philosopher on effective altruism.

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