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By Liana Barcia 08 March 2016

The international development industry is highly competitive, and it's crucial that job applicants communicate their strengths and qualifications in the best and clearest way possible. Download these Devex CV templates to help you take your development career to the next level. Photo by: Devex

You may have invested a significant amount of time and money in your international development education, and have even gained years of relevant internship and work experience. But the global development industry is a highly competitive one, attracting many of the brightest minds from all over the world. With no shortage of qualified candidates, your success in standing out often depends on how well you can make a case for yourself on paper.

“Remember that your CV is a marketing document,” said Maya Salomon, a senior recruiter from the Asia Foundation, in a previous interview with Devex. “And the purpose of that marketing document is to get you an interview.”

Given the diverse nature of the development industry, most professionals may, at different points in their career, be interested in applying to various types of employers — multilateral banks, donor agencies, implementing NGOs, think tanks, and even government. They may seek positions in their home countries, or halfway across the world. Different types of recruiters may look for unique requirements, or have a strong, strict preference for a certain application or resume format. Knowing how to communicate your credentials and achievements the right way can sometimes be as important as having them in the first place.

Below, Devex rounds up some of the most common and most important CV formats in international development, useful for consultants, entry level and mid to senior level applicants, as well as those interested in posts at the United Nations or stationed in Europe. Upgrade to a Career Account to access our downloadable templates, or contact our professional CV Writing Service team to help you land your dream development job.

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