Share your predictions on the future of development

    We want to hear from key influencers and development executives like you — take the Devex 2014 Development Influencers Survey.

    It is no secret that our industry is constantly evolving. There’s always another fresh dimension to development — new players, new funding sources, new models and new approaches. To stay ahead of the curve, Devex, through the 2014 Development Influencers Survey, is reaching out to the most influential leaders in our industry to gain their perspective.

    Since the survey’s initial launch, development executives and influencers from across the globe have shared their views and predictions on the future of development with us. Whether you’re a C-level executive with a firm, a donor agency official, COP or have a leadership position with a nongovernmental organization or foundation, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to have your voice heard across the global development community. Completely anonymous and very brief, the survey will assess what groups are going to wield more or less influence in our industry over time and what this might mean for the future of development finance.

    If you are a leader in your sector, we invite you to take the survey now; you'll automatically receive the results once they've been published.

    We, and our community of over half-a-million development professionals and aid workers around the world, look forward to hearing from you.

    About the author

    • Nicolas Gloeckl

      As Manager of Surveys and Advisory Services at Devex, Nicolas leads an experienced team of researchers on a variety of custom research projects and surveys. He previously worked on policy issues at the United Nations in Aceh, Indonesia, and was heavily involved with the civil society contingent to the Fourth High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, South Korea, during his time as a policy officer with Ibon International.