SIDA Phases Out Traditional Development Cooperation in Vietnam

The Swedish International Development Agency is moving from development cooperation to partner-driven cooperation in Vietnam.

Devex learned from a SIDA official that since 2009, budget allocations for regular development cooperation have dipped as funding for partner-driven cooperation has increased. This will continue until 2011.

The primary aim of PDC is to assist partners in setting up a sustainable cooperation among them. Partners may be all types of government, public or private agencies, institutions or organizations. Potential partners may be private companies, trade unions, local or regional authorities and civil society organizations in Sweden and Vietnam.

Some areas for partnership include environment, trade and research. Support for cooperation with Swedish public authorities may also be obtained through a number of Swedish providers such as the Swedish International Center for Local Democracy or support to non-governmental organizations through Swedish NGO core support.

This forms part of the agency’s 2009-2013 strategy for development cooperation with Vietnam.

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